2015 KIAC Annual Report | Page 20

Looking Ahead to 2016 Courtesy Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett Thanks to the efforts of the hard-working and talented staff, and a cadre of dedicated volunteers, high quality programming at KIAC continues throughout the year. The degree of involvement in the Arts by Dawson’s citizenry continues to be an amazing success story, not just locally, but nationally, and we hope to grow that support in 2016 In addition to the hundreds of hours of arts programming that have become a mainstay of the KIAC calendar, some exciting new and groundbreaking projects are also on the horizon. Our future activities will be shaped to some extent by our new Strategic Plan, which staff and board have been working on since July, and which will be released in the New Year. The plan brought new focus to existing programming areas including working more closely with the Recreation Department and planning a full 2017 performing arts series. We have also adopted a few new initiatives that were identified in the community survey. These initiatives include development of local theatre and beginning to plan for a summer film school. We also want to provide support to the Friends of the Palace Grand Society in their attempt to establish programming in the theater and support to the Beringia Creative Group in their quest for shared studio space. The Board has committed to some operational initiatives – improving our marketing strategies and techniques including use of social media, the establishment of a Building Maintenance Plan accompanied by a Capital Fundraising Campaign, and a review of our current membership fees and benefits. KIAC also continues to seek out new partnerships and patrons, both private and institutional, who can help sustain its ongoing mission, and can bring new projects into fruition. Sponsors are the lifeblood of many KIAC events, providing the generous support that makes them possible. 20 DAWSON CITY ARTS SOCIETY