2015 KIAC Annual Report | Page 16

Performing Arts Series A combination of local talent and visiting artists formed the line-up for another successful season of the Performing Arts Series. From intimate jazz and classical concerts to the raucous and rocking annual Cover Me Badd showcase, 2015 saw a wide range of high-calibre events, in the historic KIAC Ballroom. Many performances supported by the Canada Arts Presentation Fund brought musicians from across the country to Dawson. Highlights of the season included bluesman Guy Davis, a collaborative performance from Christine Fellows and Shary Boyle, and classical soprano Madelaine Hildebrand accompanied by Sarah Jo Kirsch. With the Palace Grand season on hold, KIAC instigated the Northern Exposure series, presenting monthly concerts featuring local and neighbouring talent. This program was well attended by visitors and was supported by the On Yukon Time fund. All of the productions, however, provided the community with access to world-class artists. In addition, through specially-organized events like the monthly open-mike Family Coffee House or festival fundraisers, and by supplying opening acts for visiting artists, the Performing Arts Series also helps KIAC fulfill its mission to support emerging artists and to showcase our talented local and regional performers. 16 DAWSON CITY ARTS SOCIETY