2015 KIAC Annual Report | Page 3

Message from _ Board Thanks for taking time to look through KIAC’s 2015 Annual Report. Finding new superlatives to describe KIAC’s work is becoming a bit of a challenge. Yes – another significant year with accomplishment after accomplishment. All three major events were hugely successful and the seasonal programs equally so. Congratulations to everyone. Innovation and ideas are in our DNA but there are few things worth special mention. The Summer Concert Series drew massive audiences and was broadcast on CFYT. The Midnight Sun Camera Obscura festival brought artists and academics to Dawson from across the globe. KIAC is helping the Friends of the Palace Grand plan future programming in the theatre. The sold out Wine Tasting event fired on all cylinders and has established itself as an important, annual fundraising activity. The Government of Yukon recognized our accomplishment this year by announcing an increase to our core funding. This was welcome news as we try to sustain our operation – no small challenge but so worth the investment. Sponsorship, donations and fundraising are vital to our organization. Sponsors and donors are listed in the report and note just how many there are! We will be undertaking a targeted Capital Campaign in the New Year to raise funds for the upgrading of our heating system. Hard to believe but KIAC is almost 20 years old! While reading through the report please share in the sense of community that KIAC brings to Dawson. KIAC is a big team of dedicated professional staff, volunteers and sponsors that contribute significantly to our quality of life. Mashi Cho 2015 annual report Thank-you Merci 3