2015 DCISFF Program - Page 8

C old Cuts Video Festival is an annual curated exhibition of video works by contemporary Canadian and international artists. This event runs in conjunction with the Dawson City International Short Film Festival held in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. Faking It Television occupies the cultural periphery of our everyday. Its structures are entrenched and recognizable. Its intentions are constructed yet ambiguous. Its influence pervasive. And we must question it. The works in the 2015 iteration of Cold Cuts Video Festival: Faking It use parody and imitation to explore the facets and broad influence of television. Although mimicking the codes of television, these video works defy sublimation into the agendas, politics, and power structures of media conglomerates and imagine a new and glaringly absurd television world. As Alex Bag states, her work “skewers the tropes of consumer and media culture. Questioning how we define ourselves in relation to television, fashion, advertising and the artworld, [these works are] mediated parodies that teeter between celebration and critique.” https://coldcutsvideofestival.wordpress.com/ Alex Bag, Untitled (Project for Whitney Museum), 38 min, 2009 In Alex Bag’s ironic performance videos, the artist adopts a series of personae to create droll conceptual parodies. With her signature deadpan delivery and deliberately low-tech style, Bag mixes the vernacular of pop culture )ݥѠ