2015 DCISFF Program - Page 5

AT A GLANCE 2015 DCISFF SATURDay, APRIL 4, 6pm Moving Pictures and Art Funding: ROSS BURNET SATURDay, APRIL 4, 7pm CONFLUENCE Haiku 4: STILL Very Good Dirt Astray The Underground Mother Kuskokwim It Goes Fred Heads SATURDay, APRIL 4, 9:30pm down river Prince of the Buffalo Hunters The Little Deputy Slaughterhouse Queen of Cups Island Kaltag, Alaska Me2 SATURDay, APRIL 4, 11:30pm STRANGE THINGS DONE (Horror Film Night!) with a guest appearance by Chevonne of the Yukon Subject Six Cançun Underground The Vast Forlorn Hibernum Sty Conibear SUNDay, APRIL 5, 9:30am-12:30pm Unlocking FCP (@ YUKON SOVA) (FREE) A workshop on post-production secrets of FCP7 with the Final Cut Coach, Van Cooper SUNDay, APRIL 5, 1:30pm OUT OF THE COLD, Yukon Emerging Artists Yukon Gold Potatoes Television DOG Toby, No!!! Blue Paulatuk Pony Girl Thoughts Forget the Rush Sound We See: An Old Crow Symphony SUNDay, APRIL 5, 3:30pm ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE SCREENING! Films and Q&A with Artists in Residence, Kyle Whitehead and Matthew Rankin. SUNDay, APRIL 5, 5pm I AM KUBA (55m) Special screening of the winning short film from Tromso Norway! SUNDay, APRIL 5, 6pm Our annual Street Feast featuring chili and special live musical guests! SUNDay, APRIL 5, 7:30pm BREAK UP: Final screening and Awards Bounce I was a Teenage Girl Apparently Blair’s Last Day Tengri Tomorrow After Yesterday The Mail Lady La Canadienne français Mynarsky The World of Tomorrow SUNDay, APRIL 5, 9:30pm Lemon Bucket Orchestra Live Music Dance P