2015 DCISFF Program - Page 42

THANK YOU A big thanks to all the people who not only volunteer their time this weekend to make a great event, but to those who come out throughout the long winter months to screen films, work at events and keep the momentum and morale going! AND to the KIAC Board of Directors and Staff for making it all go so groovy! Thanks also to all the people who come out from near and far to make this such a dynamic weekend! Eldo Enns Meagan Dueling Lindsey Johnson Caili Steel George Maratos Kimmy Edgar Andrea Pelletier Lulu Keating Peter Menzies Teresa Conkin Helen Bowie Gail Calder Mark Moore Laurie Sokolowski Karen DuBois Ange Bonnici Matt Sarty Suzanne Gagnon Tara Rudnickas Robyn Olson Glenda Bolt Curtis Collins Alison Anderson Dan Dowhal Gaby Sgaga Chris Scott Ian MacDonald Laura Gorecki Scott Stewart Christine Fuller Robin Miller Devon Berquist Cud Eastbound Carly Wolner Erin MacGuire Stephanie Davidson Blair Douglas Cynthia Hunt Meg Walker Billy Kendrick 40 Chuck Staad Jim Taggart Kath Selkirk Karen Mackay Max Sims Lily Quan Jen Osborne Ben Rudis Rebekah Miller Allie Haydock Blake Cameron Georgia Hammond Jenna Roebuck Tyson Bourgard Peter Cox Reuben Ward Michelle Latimer Chris Clarke David Curtis Evelyn Pollock Betty Davidson Amy Boehler Brian Stethem Sharon Edmonds Sarah Lenhart Helen Winton Kathy Webster Sue Parsons Jim Regimbald Alyssa Friesen Nicole Becker Florian Boulais Rose Hebert Pat Habiluk Kyle Lockett Angharad Wenz See the inserted list for more Weekend Wariors!