2015 DCISFF Program - Page 39

SUNDAY, APRIL 5, 7:30pm BREAK UP! The Mail Lady Kirby Hammond, Manitoba, 18m, Documentary As door-to-door mail delivery comes to an end in Canada, this film observes the unusual and complex relationship between a mail carrier and a client on her route. La Canadienne française Sarah Pellerin/Charles Grenier, Quebec, 6m, drama Thomas Stein, a francophile visiting Montreal, falls for a French Canadian girl. Together they try to find the horrible man who stole her bed sheets. MYNARSKI: DEATH PLUMMET Matthew Rankin, Quebec, 8m, Drama A completely hand-made historical micro-epic about the final minutes of Winnipeg’s doomed Second World War hero, Andrew Mynarski. Combining aviation agitprop and abstract animation, Mynarski Death Plummet is a psychedelic, photochemical war picture