2015 DCISFF Program - Page 38

SUNDAY, APRIL 5, 7:30pm BREAK UP! Bounce, this is not a freestyle movie Guillaume Blanchet, Quebec, 4m, Documentary Dircetor Blanchet travels the world for ,two years with a football as his faithful companion in this homage to the greatest game of all! I Was a Teenage Girl, Apparently Lyn Elliot/Nina Frenkel, USA, 6m, animation An animated film about a woman who finds the diary she kept as a teenager, and then goes back in time to try to talk some sense into her teenage self. Blair’s Last Day, aAron Munson, AB, 6m, Doc Blair Maddox has been projecting IMAX films almost 30 years. ‘Blair’s Last Day’ documents his last day on the job before the IMAX theatre switches to a digital projection system, leaving Blair unemployed after projecting over 30,000 films. TENGRI, Alisi Telengut, Quebec, 6m, Animation Wind burial, influenced by Shamanism, is an old Mongolian tradition. When someone dies, the corpse is carried on a cart until a bump causes the body to fall. The place where the corpse lands becomes a simple tomb. Tomorrow after yesterday Behzad Moloud , Iran, 13m, Drama A thief steals a car, but everything is strangely familiar. 36