2015 DCISFF Program - Page 31

SATURDAY, APRIL 4, 11:30pm strange thingS done The Vast Forlorn Reuben Ward, Yukon, 16m, Horror A young drifter makes his way to Dawson looking for work and gets invited to join The Union. This dark short film shows us why you should always read the fine print. Sty, Árpád Hermán, Hungary, 11m, Horror The deadbeat Endre tries to earn money as pig sticker. But when an old peasant asks him to kill his fat stock, his life is subverted. Hibernum Guillaume Comtois, Quebec, 15m, Drama After being chased by an unknown presence in a forest, a young woman wakes up in an isolated house with a young man. They seem to know each other. As they begin to remember, the unknown presence gets closer to the house. Conibear Jay Bulckaert/Pablo Saravanja, NWT, 11m, Horror Trappers navigate the dark wilderness they call home in this surreal nightmare set in Canada’s high Arctic. Note:  ome films may contain contain content S not suitable for all viewers. 29