2015 DCISFF Program - Page 26

SATURDAY, APRIL 4, 7pm CONFLUENCE Haiku 4: STILL, Lyle Pisio, AB, 6m, Animation In his kitchen, overgrown with plants and vines, Teagran keeps his dead father. Tormented by dreams, he tries several rituals to bring him back to life. From weaving a beard out of vines, to hunting down a wolf, Teagran tries everything to resurrect his dead father. Very Good Dirt, Catharine Parke, BC, 13m, Doc Very Good Dirt explores the empty spaces of the once thriving town of McConnell, Manitoba. Much of the town site is now buried under a sea of purple flowers of an alfalfa crop, planted by the farmer who now owns the land. The rhythms of his practical life contrast with the sentimental attachment to the land by former residents of the town. The result is a poetic meditation on the meaning of place. Astray, Mary Cox, NWT, 5m, Experimental An Introspective Journey though the eyes of a young woman coming to terms with her isolation and loneliness in the Canadian Arctic. THE undergound Michelle Latimer, Ontario, 9m, Drama A young Iranian man struggles to fit into a new culture, his poverty and isolation leading him to imagine himself as an insect, absorbing the world through its senses. Inspired by Rawi Hage’s bestselling novel Cockroach, this visceral tale of alienation and delirium creates a magical-realist aesthetic that is both gritty and poetic. Mother Kuskokwim, Tim Guthrie, USA, 21m, Doc 24