2015 DCISFF Program - Page 24

SATURDAY, APRIL 4, 6pm Moving Pictures and Arts Funding M edia artists, f i l m m a k e r s , documentarians, and cinematographers are among many film artists in Yukon’s cultural industry. and professional practitioners. The Arts Section of the Department of Tourism & Culture, Yukon Government administers 8 funds that support artistic, community, development relevant to arts Join Ross Burnet, Fund Administrator, to explore and discuss how film artists can take advantage of Arts Funding. We focus on: Arts Fund, Advanced Artist Award, Touring Artist Fund, Cultural Industries Training Fund Ross will be available over the festival weekend to meet artists to discuss funding or projects. Contact: Ross. Burnet@gov.yk.ca HART TO HEART (KIAC Ballroom Alcove all weekend) A n evolving interactive stereo 3D video installation reflecting the Peel watershed and our manufactured culture. A meditation on human nature, the rest of nature, and the relationships between us. By marten berkman. interactive design baptiste bohelay. sound design jordy walker Free admission 22