2015 DCISFF Program - Page 17

FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 11:30 beyond the aurora Mirror in Mind Seung Hee Kim, Korea, 2m, animation A woman looks into her mind. Chasing her ideals on a tightrope. Every imperfect piece of her mind completes herself. Hole, Martin Edralin, ON, 15m, drama A daring portrait of a disabled man yearning for intimacy in a world that would rather ignore him. Estocolmo, Alvaro Martin, Spain, 9m, drama Writing a school report about your father’s occupation can be a challenge, especially when his work is disturbing. We live in wonderful times Michel Lam, Quebec, 10m, drama Mathieu is a successful young man. He has a beautiful girlfriend, a thriving company, a nice apartment and all that he desires. Until one day, he desires a little too much... Note:  ome films may contain contain content S not suitable for all viewers. 15