2015 DCISFF Program - Page 16

FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 11:30 beyond the aurora ANOTHER STATEMENT ABOUT SOCIETY Lansing Bruce Robertson, Manitoba,1m, Animation Behold the salvation the American socio-economic system has prepared for you. Dead Hearts, Stephen W. Martin, BC, 17m, drama A young mortician will give his heart away to find true love. A whimsical, gothic bedtime story filled with love, loss, taxidermy, Kung fu, and biker werewolves. Fecal Matters Paul Gallasch, Australia, 15m, Documentary For a long time, faeces has been the enemy of doctors. But the recent discovery of its ability to cure a deadly disease is changing the way medicine treats our shit. RounDTRip, Caroline Blais, Quebec, 3m Animation Going on a trip, uprooting yourself, getting lost, taking your mind off things, coming back transformed. Righteous, Cory Bowles, NS, 11m, drama After an argument with his sister about her choice of boyfriend, a young black man spends the day blowing off steam, striking a psychological blow to a white male after believing he is being profiled - an encounter that becomes much more after he discovers that his target is closer than he could ever expect. 14