2015 DCISFF Program - Page 10

FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 7PM YUKON AND BEYOND Lapse, Veronica Verkley, Yukon 2m, Animation A jumble of dusty objects coalesce to cast a shadow – but it jumps to its own conclusions. Jim Robb’s Yukon Andrew Connors/ Zoë Toupin, Yukon, 10m, Documentary An artist living in Whitehorse for 60 years, Jim Robb’s illustrations of Yukon characters and landmarks have greatly influenced the Yukon’s idea of itself. His work was exhibited in a public art gallery for the first time in 2014. Annie’s Reel Arlin McFarlane/Linda Leon, Yukon, 4m, Animation An unexpected dance enlivens Annie’s world. Singing through an illness Jessica Hall, Yukon, 7m, Documentary Yukon musician Nicole Edwards raises awareness about the rare auto-immune disease scleroderma and gives hope that one can live well with a chronic illness. The Art of balance Karen Mackay, Yukon, 9m, Documentary Stone Balance Land Artists from around the world gather at Remic Rapids, to create ephemeral works of art on the Ottawa River. 8