2015 Community Benefit Report - Page 6

ON YOUR SIDE TEAMING UP TO BRING CARE TO CHILDREN WITH COMPLEX MEDICAL NEEDS Children’s Hospital Colorado’s KidStreet is a family-centered, multidisciplinary, community-based program designed to maximize the health and development of young children who are dependent on medical technology. At KidStreet, staff deliver care, support, and services so that medically fragile children with complex conditions can achieve the highest possible function. “We are working with families who have been consistently told ‘no,’ parents who have had to fight for everything they’ve ever had, families often without many resources,” says Karen Terry, director of KidStreet. “We’re helping them in a way they’ve never had someone help them in their lives.” One of these provided services is Cavity Free at Three (CF3), an innovative infant oral health program hosted by Children’s Colorado that provides preventive dental care to children under the age of 3. The dental team visits KidStreet twice a year to provide check-ups and care for the children. “Oral health is an important part of total health, and we’re able to integrate it into their therapy here,” says Valerie Haustein, director of CF3. “Seeing them smile makes it all worthwhile,” she adds. Many children who have complex needs obtain services from in-home-care companies. However, these services can be costly and challenging for families. KidStreet provides all-inclusive care, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, nurse staff, mental health consulting, and programs like CF3 in a friendly environment that encourages play, creative learning, and opportunities for the children to socialize. Speech-language pathologist Laura Papajcik says, “These kids brighten up my day every day. To see them improve, even in the smallest ways — it’s amazing. I’m honored to be a part of their care.” “Advocacy is our strong suit,” says Terry. “Every day these kids and their families can take comfort in knowing KidStreet is on their side — that we’ll be advocating for them every step of the way.” ONLY 47% of Colorado’s Medicaid enrolled children received any preventive dental services in 2015 125,000 CHILDREN IN OUR STATE WITH UNTREATED DENTAL CONDITIONS 6 Children’s Hospital Colorado