2015 Community Benefit Report - Page 3

WHAT IS COMMUNITY BENEFIT? CONTENTS As a nonprofit pediatric hospital, our bottom line is kids — this means that positive hospital margins are reinvested into the health and well-being of children. Putting that work into numbers isn’t easy. However, in 2015, Children’s Hospital Colorado reported more than $197,440,562 in “community benefit” activities — that is, activities conducted as a hospital that went beyond caring for patients and made an impact on our community at large — and $652,054 in community building activities. What is Community Benefit? 3 Most Critical Child Health Challenges 4 Care For All 5 On Your Side 6 Burning Rubber 7 The Community Approach 8 Takes a Village 9 A Familiar Setting 10 Empowering Families 11 Fulfilling Aspirations 12 Early Warning 13 Clocking Miles 14 Financial Summary 15 $101,966,716 Financial Assistance $47,025,857 Subsidized Health Services $27,104,236 Research 2015 $15,989,376 Health Professions Education $4,940,057 Community Health Improvement TOTAL = $652,054 Community Building Activities $414,320 F inancial and In-Kind Contributions $197,440,562 Community Benefit Activities $652,054 Community Building Activities Advocating For Kids — In and Out of the Hospital To reinforce our hospital’s ongoing commitment to health improvement, Children’s Colorado established the Child Health Advocacy Institute (CHAI) in 2010. With a mission to improve the health and safety of children, CHAI engages public and private partners in creating a thriving community for children. CHAI serves as a centralized resource for the hospital to identify community child health needs, and to develop and implement, in partnership with the community, evidence-based strategies that seek to address those needs. *All financial data is for fiscal year 2015. Note: This report includes amounts expended by Children’s Hospital Colorado’s hospital facilities, as reported on Schedule H of the IRS Form 990. Accordingly, the activities in this Community Benefit Report are greater than the amounts reported in the Children’s Colorado Schedule H, which applies only to our hospital facilities. For questions or more information, please call Julie Gibbs, Community Health Manager, at 720-777-8780. 2015 Community Benefit Report 3