2015 Community Benefit Report - Page 2

We know how much you value your community, and we understand your desire to create one where all children can be healthy, safe, and happy. We also know that achieving this goal isn’t easy. Finances, housing, employment, and education are pervasive challenges in many communities. We admire your perseverance, your passion, your creative thinking, and your dedication, and we want you to know that we share this mission with you. We are in this fight together. Children’s Hospital Colorado has served children for over 100 years — a commitment that reaches beyond our facility. For the same reasons we dedicate ourselves to caring for children within our hospital walls, we strive to care for children in our communities. We are proud to present the Children’s Hospital Colorado 2015 Community Benefit Report. Here, we highlight a few of our programs and partnerships that positively impact our community and its kids, as well as our plans to continue to transform community health, with your help. LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY We are — and will always be — here for you. The commitment to keep kids healthy, to keep children out of our hospital, is one we will continue to take on together, and one that will remain at the forefront of our hospital’s mission. In gratitude of your continued partnership, Jena Hausmann President and Chief Executive Officer Children’s Hospital Colorado 2 Children’s Hospital Colorado