2015 Community Benefit Report - Page 14

CLOCKING MILES PROVIDING STATEWIDE EDUCATION FOR EMERGENCY PEDIATRIC CARE The mission of the EMS Outreach and Education Program is to provide expert pediatric education to enhance the emergency care provided to infants and children in communities around the West, extending the expertise of Children’s Hospital Colorado far beyond its walls. PLACES VISITED FOR TRAINING AND EDUCATION 14,842 MT MILES TRAVELED WY 2973 PEOPLE TAUGHT The Children’s Colorado EMS Outreach Program is saving lives through interactive training and education. They take away the fear of caring for kids while instilling confidence in the EMTs and paramedics. There have been many times here in the mountains when our EMTs and paramedics have been able to utilize the knowledge and skills we have been taught by the amazing staff of the Children’s Colorado’s EMS Outreach Program. The most recent event was a severe trauma incident where a patient was involved in an ATV accident. Because of the training CO 14 CPR TRAINING FOR HIGH SCHOOL COACHES, BOY SCOUTS, AND POLICE Children’s Hospital Colorado and education our staff has received, the patient was treated appropriately and her life was saved. —R  ay Jennings, Chief, Grand County Emergency Medical Services