2015 Community Benefit Report - Page 12

FULFILLING ASPIRATIONS CREATING A WORKFORCE REFLECTIVE OF ITS COMMUNITY After her 11-year-old daughter had knee surgery at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Susana Tochimani, 37, knew she not only wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, but that she wanted it to be at Children’s Colorado. “The way they took care of her and the way they treated us was amazing. I told my husband, ‘I want to be a part of this.’” Tochimani was hired as the Unit Secretary in Periop Discharge at Children’s Colorado after completing the Hire Local Program, an intensive 10-week program at Aurora Community College. Started almost two years ago as a joint effort by Anschutz Medical Campus’ Community-Campus Partnership, the program offers students training and education related to medical terminology, technical skills, and customer service to give the Aurora community access to employment opportunities in the medical field. Following the training, Hire Local arranges mock interviews, updates resumes, and walks students through the application process. “This program helps us to fulfill our ongoing commitment to a diverse workforce and hiring local, all in support of our community, patients, and families,” says Children’s Colorado’s Director of Talent Acquisition & Workforce Planning Natalie Landau. “It has been a commitment of time and resources throughout our organization, but we know it is well worth it.” Jameel Mallory, Hire Local manager for CommunityCampus Partnershi p, says, “We heard over and over again from the surrounding community that people wanted to work here, but barriers like lack of training, support services, language, and difficulty of navigating the application process often prevented them from doing so.” Not only is the program beneficial for the Aurora community, but for Children’s Colorado. “We want our campus to reflect our community,” says Mallory. “We want families to walk in and feel comfortable because they’re greeted by people who understand where they’re coming from.” “It prepared me to find the job that I wanted,” says Tochimani. “Sometimes I look at the hospital when I drive by and think, I can’t believe I work here.” 98% completion rate of the 10-week program 12 Children’s Hospital Colorado