2014-15 Canada-China Business Forum Magazine - Page 76

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Now you have more options than ever about how to manage your China operations. This may be particularly good news for Canadian SMEs who are not in China yet. There are good local and expat options for setting up management and leadership in China. Furthermore, you will often be able to hire qualified people without paying for the extras and dealing with the organizational shortcomings associated with using short-term managers from home countries. But be ready to use a good recruiting company to help select the right person to lead your China mission. \\ PvW However, all of this comes with a price tag. The rise of Chinese managers and leaders has been rapid, and there is still a huge gap in the experience of local managers compared to those in home countries. Typically, the Chinese equivalent counterparts have on average about 10 years’ less experience in that job function than Western counterparts. These local experts often command compensation packages now that cannot be matched in the home country. So the days of cheap Chinese labour have disappeared and competition for these experts is fierce. There is increasingly a place for the experienced expat leader in China. The days of the excessive expat compensation packages are gone. Locals and expats often compete head-to-head for senior positions in multinational companies. Both groups have value and both can bring value to your organization. Paul von Wittgenstein is general manager, CanadAsia Management Development Ltd. and president and CEO at Baby World language Ltd. Paul is an entrepreneur, executive coach, management consultant and master corporate trainer with more than 25 years of professional experience. He has provided consulting in organizational development projects for more than 120 multinational companies in China. 40多年来致力于提高中国人民生活水平 IMPROVING PEOPLE’S LIVES IN CHINA FOR OVER 40 YEARS. NOUS AMÉLIORONS LA QUALITÉ DE VIE DES COLLECTIVITÉS EN CHINE DEPUIS PLUS DE 40 ANS. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K csundahl/iStock Photo 无论是基础设施、 资源或者能源项目, SNC-Lavalin都 全 心 全意和中国公司一起 为当地增加就业机会 和提供清洁能源解决 方案。 75 www.snclavalin.com Whether supporting infrastructure, resource or power projects, we at SNC-Lavalin remain committed to working with Chinese companies to create jobs and provide clean energy solutions in local communities. Qu’il s’agisse de projets en infrastructures, en ressources ou en énergie, chez SNC-Lavalin, nous avons la volonté de travailler avec les entreprises chinoises pour créer des emplois dans les communautés et leur fournir des solutions en énergie propre.