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Pathways to the Prize Lessons from the 2011 SCORE Prize District Winner Pathways to the Prize Lessons from the 2011 SCORE Prize District Winner 20 11 S CO RE S OL HO ER WINN IZE PR CT RI ST DI RYVILLE CITY MA SC AT A GLANCE Director of Schools — Stephanie Thompson Website — www.maryvillecityschools.k12.tn.us Grades served — PK-12 Number of schools — 7 Enrollment — 4,890 Economically disadvantaged students — 33.1% White — 91% African American — 4% Asian — 3% TVAAS three-year growth standard t-statistics (2011) Math: 14.32 Reading Language Arts: 3.84 Algebra I: 5.04 English II: 4.03 Overall district TCAP and EOC deciles (2010-11) Math: 60th to 70th Reading: 80th to 70th Between 2010 and 2011, Maryville City Schools narrowed its achievement gap between economically disadvantaged and non-economically disadvantaged students by 1.01 points on reading and 3.34 points on math. Attendance rates (2010) K-8: 95.5% K-12: 95.5% College readiness data ACT Composite (3-Year Average): 23.8 Graduation rate 2010: 90.5% College-going rate 2009: 76.5% • Maryville City Schools and its surrounding community hold high expectations for all stakeholders— public officials, administrators, teachers, parents, and students—to ensure students are successful after they leave high school • In addition to attracting the best talent, Maryville cultivates its own leaders, drawing on individuals with expertise gained from years of teaching and serving in other positions in the district • • The district’s director of schools initiated an 18-month process to develop the district’s strategic plan that gathered input from all internal and external stakeholders and analyzed patterns of student performance data. The plan was designed to capitalize on strengths, address challenges, and prepare students for success in college, career, and life The district focuses on core content and supports its teachers by providing in-depth workshops on using data to guide instruction and implementing proven, effective strategies in literacy, mathematics, and science • Reading has received special attention in the district since data indicated need, particularly in the middle and high schools. Reading levels are determined for all students and individualized assignments are made to accelerate progress. In addition, every 10th-grade student receives a double block of reading instruction • The district provides multiple services for parents and families to help create the conditions for educational success for all students Hispanic — 2% • • 6 2011 SCORE Prize District Winner: Maryville City Schools While Maryville City Schools uses the strategic plan as a guiding framework, the district engages in continuous improvement by calling on district advisory groups and national experts to provide guidance on how to effectively meet district goals Maryville administers community surveys three times a year to ensure that two-way communication is robust and the district is serving the community in the best ways possible 2011 SCORE Prize District Winner: Maryville City Schools 7