2013 Pathways to the Prize - District Winners - Page 4

Pathways to the Prize Lessons from the 2011 SCORE Prize District Winner Pathways to the Prize Lessons from the 2011 SCORE Prize District Winner The SCORE Prize annually awards $10,000 to the elementary, middle, and high school and $25,000 to one district in Tennessee that have most dramatically improved student achievement. In awarding the SCORE Prize, SCORE aims to recognize those schools and districts that are doing the hard work of education reform, highlight and share their best practices, and show other schools and districts throughout Tennessee that improvement is possible. All public schools and districts are eligible for the SCORE Prize. In 2011, winners were chosen in a two-step process. For the first phase, SCORE used a multi-staged criteria selection process to narrow the schools and districts down to finalists. This process ensured that schools and districts met a certain benchmark before advancing to the next round. The criteria that each school or district had to meet to advance are listed in order below: AB • OU TT IZE HE S CORE PR Schools and districts must have an attendance rate of 93 percent or higher • The school or district must have a TVAAS three-year growth standard t-statistic of at least 1.5 in both reading and math • Remaining schools and districts were ranked by their two-year change in TCAP scores on reading and math and their TVAAS three-year growth standard TVAAS was weighted three times heavier than TCAP in our selection process. This weighting was intended to ensure that schools exhibiting high growth were also achieving at a high enough level to prepare students for 4 About the SCORE Prize next steps. A series of complementary analyses were also conducted t