2013 Pathways to the Prize - District Winners - Page 20

Pathways to the Prize Lessons from the 2011 SCORE Prize District Winner Pathways to the Prize Lessons from the 2011 SCORE Prize District Winner High Expectations 1. Maryville City Schools aims to achieve academic excellence by setting high expectations. a. What are some of the high expectations Maryville City Schools holds for its students? In what ways are these expectations similar or different from the expectations in your district? PENDIX DISCUS SIO AP N b. How do you communicate your district’s expectations to principals, teachers, students, parents, and the community? In what ways might you improve upon the articulation and communication of expectations in your district? c. GU How do your school’s standards articulate high expectations? In what ways might you improve upon the expectations you hold for faculty, students, and parents? d. How do you convey high expectations in your classroom? What additional policies or processes could you use to convey high expectations? E ID Learning Environment 2. One of the district’s goals is to create a first-class learning environment that provides a safe and nurturing environment. a. What does your district do to support positive learning environments in schools? How might you better support the creation of positive school climates in your district? b. What policies and processes in your school support a safe, nurturing learning environment? c. How do you cultivate a positive climate in your classroom? Leadership 3. Principals in Maryville enjoy wide latitude to reach goals, but are held strictly accountable for progress. a. How does your district balance principal autonomy and accountability? How do you communicate with school leaders and provide feedback to support continuous improvement? In what ways could the feedback process with principals and schools be improved upon? b. What direct or indirect supports do you provide principals to help ensure their success? c. How does your school balance teacher autonomy and accountability? What type of feedback loops exist between school administration and teachers? d. How do you know you have been successful in your own classroom? How do you hold yourself accountable for student learning? 4. Maryville City Schools prefers to cultivate leaders from within the district. a. How does your district support leadership at all levels? How might you improve upon the way the district develops leaders? b. How do you develop leadership in your school? How is leadership shared among the faculty? c. 20 Appendix: Discussion Guide How do you develop leadership in your classroom? How is leadership shared between you and the students? Appendix: Discussion Guide 21