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Pathways to the Prize Lessons from the 2011 SCORE Prize District Winner Pathways to the Prize Lessons from the 2011 SCORE Prize District Winner September 2012 Dear Educators, Over the last three years, Tennessee has transformed into a national leader for education reform. State and local leaders have come together to make a series of policy changes, including raising academic standards for our students, providing educators with more timely access to data, and focusing on our lowest achieving schools to ensure that more of our students graduate from high school with the skills they need to be successful in life. Although we have made significant strides in changing policy conditions, our most important work concerns how these policy changes impact what’s happening in classrooms, schools, and districts throughout the state. Table of Contents 3 Letter from Jamie Woodson 4 About the SCORE Prize 6 2011 SCORE Prize District Winner: Maryville City Schools 18 Conclusion 20 Appendix: Discussion Guide 24 Glossary 26 2011 SCORE Prize Selection Committee / Staff Throughout this document, there are QR codes that directly link to additional online resources. To access these resources, simply scan the code with your smartphone. QR code apps can be downloaded for free. You can also access these resources by visiting the link provided. Last year, SCORE awarded the first annual SCORE Prize to the elementary, middle, and high school and one district in Tennessee that have most dramatically improved student achievement. While our aim in awarding the SCORE Prize was to identify and reward those schools and districts that are effectively meeting the state’s new academic standards, an equally important goal of ours was to highlight best practices and distill them into a usable format for educators. We began this work by sharing video vignettes and data profiles of the finalists and winners after last fall’s announcement. Pathways to the Prize continues our work of highlighting best practices and providing educators with the tools they need to replicate them in their own communities. In the following pages, you will find information about Maryville City Schools, our 2011 SCORE Prize district winner, and its work to prepare all students for success after high school. Maryville demands that the school district prepare students to be globally competitive. In response, the district engages the broader community and uses data they have on student performance to translate those high expectations into the district’s mission, vision, and goals. In order to achieve its goals, everyone in Maryville – educators, parents, students, and business and community leaders – has a role to play. Maryville’s story is reflective of the work that all of Tennessee’s districts must engage in to improve outcomes for students. As Tennessee moves into the second year of wide-scale implementation of many of its policy commitments, we must ensure that educators have access to information about those schools and districts that are rising to these new challenges. We hope that Pathways to the Prize, which is grounded in research and supplemented by additional tools on our SCORE Prize website, aids you in continuing the most important work: ensuring that our students graduate from high school prepared for the global economy. Very sincerely, The SCORE Prize www.tnscore.org/scoreprize/ 2   3