2013-2014 College Track Annual Report | Page 3

WHAT WE DO The College Track model supports students OUR VISION: ALL STUDENTS through every crucial step of high IN OUR NATION WILLschool HAVE THE graduate OPPORTUNITY TO EARN and college until they A COLLEGE DEGREE STUDENT LIFE ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Provides workshops and support Provides Tutoring, Academic Case their dreams. All students also WHAT IS COLLEGE TRACK? for students to declare and pursue Management, ACT Prep, Study have access to extracurricular Groups, Summer Programming to pursuits and experiential learning support students in taking on the such as martial arts, art classes, academic and socio-emotional summer trips abroad and rigors of completing high school We are a college completion program that empowers and college. students from underserved communities to graduate from college college our support, 10-year program searchgraduation, and selection removes barriers thatvisits, prevent from including college Beststudents Fit earning their collegePersonal degree by providing College analyses, them with comprehensive academic support, Statement Writing Institute, advising, and scholarships. We teach them aid advising. the skills necessary to succeed in college their communities, completing 100 hours of community service. COLLEGE SUCCESS COLLEGE AFFAIRS From the summer before 9th grade through Provides intensive college internships. Students give back to Is committed to ensuring that ourDEFINED students graduate from COLLEGE TRACK four-year colleges. Our students receive 1:1 advising throughout four years of college, assistance 84% FIRST GENERATION COLLEGE STUDENTS 93% HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES ACCEPTED TO FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES on their campuses. and beyond. College Track was founded in 1997 and currently serves over 2,000 high school and college students in East Palo Alto, Oakland, San Francisco, New Orleans, Aurora (CO), Los Angeles, and Sacramento. Today, 93 percent of our high school seniors have been accepted to four-year colleges and our college students are graduating at a rate OUR SITES OUR SERVICES that is 2.5 times the national average for low-income* students. During all four years of high school our students participate in the College Track program at our sites. These stand-alone buildings become 98% 98% a second home for our students. Here they Our four core service FOR areas — Academic Affairs, QUALIFY College 77% FREE LUNCH Affairs, Student Life and College Success are structured to prepare our students for the academic and social demands of college. feel safe, motivated, intellectually curious and inspired to learn and grow. STUDENTS COLOR STUDENTS OFOF COLOR *Pell Gr an t el i g i bl e