2012 SCORE Prize Winners: Using Data to Enhance Learning - Page 10

• Covington High leaders recommend that each teacher spend at least 20 minutes of instructional time each day preparing their students for the ACT. The school recommends that all teachers within their PLCs review TVAAS data, scores from report cards, formative and summative assessments, mastery charts, ThinkLink scores, as well as scores from the four and a half-week assessments, nine-week tests, mid-term tests, and final exams. Performance data are shared among all academic teachers, not just the teachers in the subject areas tested. As one teacher said, “We bring everything back to data.” Teachers in subjects other than English and algebra try to incorporate skills from those content areas into their own subjects to reinforce learning and help students perform better in these two critical performance areas. Formative assessment. The teachers at Covington constantly evaluate students and adjust instruction based on what they see happening in class. This practice is based partly on assessments in English and math designed by Covington teachers and administrators. Teachers in each of the academic departments collaboratively