2012 SCORE Prize Winners: Embracing High Standards - Page 5

at home and receive individualized homework and assignment support at school . Students also have access to digital textbooks, audio and video streaming from Discovery Educati on, podcasts, and the Tennessee Electronic Library. They learn how to use digital tools and resources such as the Microsoft Office Suite, Museum Box, and Prezi. This project is funded t hrough a grant from the Alcoa Howmet Foundation . Results for Hamblen County show that, on aver age, students increase their ACT scores by one to two points using this program. Many students have raised their scores by as many as nine points. • To personalize learning, the district has implemented an advising program that involves all of the approximately 2,800 high school students. Students meet with their teacher advisors throughout their four years of high school for 30 minutes twice a week. During this time, advisors