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The 2022 edition of ( 201 ) Health is the third issue tocome out since the pandemic arrived in March 2020 . Asthe magazine ’ s editor , it ’ s interesting tometo look back and remind myself how we felt one and two years ago .

The 2020 issue included articles called “ Handshakes and Other Passing Customs ” and “ Face Masks on the Fashion Runway ?” and “ The Home Gym Advantage .” The tone was more hopeful in June 2021 . “ The infection and death rates from COVID have been going down for months ,” Inoted in my editor ’ s letter . We were weeks away from the Delta variant ripping through the country when Iwrote those words .
So this year , Iwill limit my observations to this : As of this writing , there ’ s reason tohope that the coronavirus is on its way tobeing endemic ( a regular presence in the population instead ofanacute emergency ). Now health care professionals can focus on
how the pandemic has affected us emotionally . In “ Restoring Mental Health after COVID ,” we examine the toll the coronavirus has taken on us , our children and our parents . Experts also share how mindfulness , therapy and other practices help us feel better .
In “ Primary Concerns ,” four area family physicians talk about being on the front lines of disease prevention , and helping multiple generations of families stay well . This means having a healthy diet — check out “ Summertime , and the Cooking Is Easy ”— and exercising . We don ’ t have to be as devoted as Tenafly resident Steven Epstein , who built a state-of-theart hot yoga studio and exercise room in his backyard ; we just need to get out there and move . Dr . Sean Wilen , one of the family medicine doctors we interview , says that small lifestyle adjustments , like taking the stairs instead of the elevator , add up .
One step and one day at atime , I say . Here ’ s hoping that in our 2023 issue , we can write something along the lines of “ Remember COVID-19 ?” ❖
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