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The exercise room is connected to the hot yoga studio , and includes atreadmill , Peloton bike , recumbent bike , climbing rope and Arc Trainer elliptical machine . ( Clockwise from left ) Epstein received the mat freshener machine seen at the top left of the opposite page , which is not available to retail customers , as agift ; guests feed their mats into it so they can be brushed on both sides and UV-sanitized before they practice yoga . The green strip of turf leading up to it provides asurface ametal sled can slide on so it can be pushed and pulled as part of aworkout routine .
Epstein has included thoughtful features throughout the studio , including achilled filtered water bottle filler ; a decorative barn door for access to the attic , where some of the HVAC equipment is located ; stained bamboo beams across the vaulted ceiling ; and fans manufactured by acompany called Big Ass Fans . The Peloton shoes can ’ t do the workout themselves , of course — they need afitness-minded family member to propel them into action . ❖
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