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CLIMATE CONTROLLED COMFORT ( Clockwise from opposite top left ) A control panel in the hot yoga studio allows the Epsteins to precisely set temperature and humidity levels , as well as a threshold for CO2 saturation in the air ; at the end of aclass , they can activate a purge function that sucks the hot and humid air out and replaces it with cool , fresh air that is UV-sanitized . The black and white dimmers control the indirect soffit lighting , its intensity and colors .
The batik artworks mounted on the wall above the ballet bars are gifts Steven ’ s mother picked up during her travels .
( This page ) Epstein is cradled by a silk hammock . During the studio ’ s construction , five places in the ceiling were reinforced so anti-gravity yoga slings could be mounted ; stainless steel bars hang from these spots , and Epstein slips carabiners into their eyehooks .
( Left ) The Epsteins demonstrate a standing side pose . Two mats on the wall offer extra protection when yoga practitioners do handstands . The TV screen is mounted low for ease of viewing while working on the floor .
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