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Amit Agarwal , MD , Sonia Chadha , MD

AmitAgarwal , MD Sonia Chadha , MD
Primary Care is a medical specialty that does what the name suggests — care for families in most stages of life , from the teen through golden years .
That ’ s exactly what makes work so rewarding for Drs . Amit Agarwal and Sonia Chadha , the primary care physicians at Comprehensive Health Care , located at 1 Sears Drive behind Paramus Park Mall .
“ I enjoy the connection with family members and also following the patient from adulthood to old age and coordinating care with the specialists ,” says Dr . Agarwal .
Dr . Chadha agrees the family connection is extremely rewarding . “ There ’ s so much being in primary care that Ienjoy … we are seeing them through major milestones . It ’ s avery nice relationship .”
For Drs . Agarwal and Chadha , there is no better referral than the kind one family member makes to another . After all , folks want only the best for their moms and dads , grandparents and children . And for many , the best is Comprehensive Health Care .
The practice these compassionate doctors started together 11 years ago is one-stop treatment for both acute and chronic issues .
As the name comprehensive suggests , Drs . Agarwal and Chadha are caring for just about every health concern from immunizations to managing diabetes , the common cold to weight loss . Patients can also visit for annual and other physicals , cholesterol care , blood pressure screening , contraception counseling and much more .
In addition , each of the doctors offers their patients the advantage of their specialties . For Dr . Agarwal , his special interests are internal medicine , men ’ s health and geriatrics . For Dr . Chadha , it ’ s women ’ s care , dermatology and mental health .
Another quality that stands out about these doctors is the extent they will go to care for their patient family .
“ Our practice is unique in the sense that we provide awhole spectrum ,” says Dr . Agarwal . “ We see patients in the office and also at the hospital as well as at the rehab facility .”
Dr . Agarwal is affiliated with The Valley Hospital and Hackensack University Medical Center , while Dr . Chadha works with HUMC . They care for patients in rehab centers throughout Bergen County , including CareOne and Dellridge . So , whether in ahospital or rehab setting , patients can still have the comfort of having family doctors involved in their care .
Although there ’ s quite a list of services they perform , Drs . Agarwal and Chadha have a network of specialists to call when needed . Herein lies an opportunity to demonstrate another skill of the Agarwal-Chadha team – communication .
“ As primary-care physicians , we believe communication is key not only with family members but with other specialists on the case ,” says Dr . Agarwal .
Before Comprehensive Health Care opened its doors , Dr . Agarwal received his medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine and completed his residency and internship in internal medicine at Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth . He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine .
Dr . Chadha received her medical degree from the University of Wisconsin and performed her residency at Allina Hospitals & Clinics in St . Paul . She also completed an internship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester , Minn .
Comprehensive Health Care is accepting new patients . To book an appointment contact 201-483-9188 or njmedicalcare . com . Tele-visits are available , too .