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It was in February of 1964 and Southern Walking Horse enthusiasts had gathered in Jackson , Tennessee , for the annual meeting of the Mid-South Horse Association . As is the custom , everyone was using what spare time they had to do some “ barnstorming ” on their own to see just what West Tennessee stables had to offer for the coming year . It was at one of these stables that we just happened to arrive in time to see a much discussed young two year old stallion work . Among the crowd there that day was a group of well known people from Dallas , Texas , including Shirley Sharp and Frank Mason .
As the trainer was busy grooming we stood back and observed the fine conformation , alert cars and fineness of this particular bay stud . He was a pretty colt with a lot of bloom . Being a young horse , however , he needed a little weight and growth before he would be ready to hit the show ring . Mr . Frank Mason observed the colt with an experienced and critical eye . Considered by many to be one of the most knowledgable horsemen in the business , Mr . Mason discussed the colt with other horsemen present . Also eyeing the colt was Shirley Sharp , another astute and experienced Walking Horse enthusiast . As the trainer climbed in the saddle the colt swung around and headed down the hall in a flat foot walk . Immediately there was a clamor of excitement as everyone noted that there was something special about this colt . He was a rarity ! A colt that walked all over . . . moving every muscle in order to stride with his back end and reach with his front . His head motion was almost unbelievable , nodding with a deep stride with every step he took . As the colt warmed up , “ Mr . Frank ” said that he would like to see the running walk and a “ running walk ” he got . This is all it ' took .
GO BOY ’ S CFIATTERBOX was purchased that day from Dr . W . B . Cleveland of Cleveland , Ohio , and shortly moved to his new home at the Blue Bonnet Stables in Grapevine , Texas , just outside Dallas . After arriving at his new ' home , CHATTERBOX w ' as brought along slowly due to the fact that he was not foaled until September 1 , 1961 . Fie was only shown once as a three year old , when he placed first in his class at San Antonio . The fancy bay stud was beginning to get a reputation “ out west ” and he began the 1965 circuit with quite a following . He was successful in capturing five successive Championships to w ' in the Texas Walking Horse Association High Point Stallion award that year .
In the spring of 1966 CHATTERBOX was beginning to develop his full potential . To his natural big-going lick and three excellent gaits were added size , stamina and speed . Again he won five Championship Awards in Texas . At this point everyone began to talk about the fancy bay stallion that was under wraps in Texas . Back in Middle Tennessee he was known by reputation but he had never challenged the Celebration . With the 1966 Celebration approaching , trainer Bud Seaton , one of the top trainers in the business and winner of many Celebration honors including the World Championship Two Year Old Class , decided to condition his bay stallion for the “ big ring .” This is another story in itself .
By now , everyone realizes that GO BOY ’ S CHAT­ TERBOX was the real surprise of the Celebration of 1966 . He came as an unknown that had never been shown in Tennessee and emerged as the Reserve World Grand Champion Walking Horse . He did it on his own . . . bucking the odds to win the acclaim and approval of knowledgable Walking Horse enthusiasts from coast to coast . Trainer Bud Seaton is justly proud of his horse . It has been said that Bud remarked that he “ really didn ’ t know what his horse would do under the pressure of the
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