1965-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1965 March Voice - Page 7

HORSE SCIENCE SCHOOL SET IN MURFREESBORO JUNE 21-26 Horse sport in Tennessee is headed for a big gain in the new year by having one of the now famous Horse Science Schools con­ ducted by Dr. M. E. Ensminger. Middle Tennessee State College at Murfreesboro will be the place and the date is June 21-26. The above dates are those of the standard Horse Science short course. The Farrier Science course, to turn out blacksmiths, will start June 21 and run 10 days instead of six. Dr. Ensminger's syndicated col­ umns in The National Horseman, The Morgan Horse, The Shetland Pony Journal, The Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse, and other equestrian periodicals are familiar to many. The Horse Science School devel­ oped out of a need for sound, con­ centrated learning for thousands of new horse owners, trying to be their own grooms and trainers as well as riders. The pattern of the Horse Science School, starting in 1965, is to be held annually at Wisconsin State College at River Falls, and also at a new and different site during the year. The new and different site in ’65 will be MTSC. Dr. Robert A. Alexander, asso­ ciate professor of the Agriculture Dept, at MTSC and the progressive instigator of the Horse Science School in Tennessee, said that a number of colleges and universities in the area had applied for the course, but MTSC was chosen. These short courses for horse­ men are open to anyone, whether for college credit or not. The standard fee is approximately $145.00. Official sponsor of the Horse Science short course, at Murfrees­ boro, and elsewhere is Agriservices Foundation, a non-profit, self-sup­ porting organization directed by Dr. Ensminger. Six Experts io Lecture The objectives of Agriservices Foundation are “furthering educa­ tion, research, and development in (Continued on Page 9) MARCH, 1965 OUR NAME HERE ■ CLIP AND MAIL!- 1010 • City, SMoinS 106 -bottles of Equine Scar-A , -_ _ ir-Aid, the v tion used in Joe Webb’s stables. I enclose $3.75 for ordered. If not completely return oletelv satisfied, satisfied. I may m order for full refund. portion of Name- Address- City- brings a bottle of NEW EQUINE SCAR-AID Field tested at Joe Webb Stables • Excellent for chain and boot rubs Removes old scars • Keeps down scar tissue on fresh wounds • Restores hair (original color) • Helps prevent and cure proud flesh Joe Webb with World's Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horses: "Rodger’s Perfection” (1959) and "Perfection's Carbon Copy” (1964). Here’s what Joe Webb, trainer of champions, says about new Equine Scar-Aid: “. . . the best I have ever used. I now use it exclusively in my stable. It (Scar-Aid) is excellent for keeping down scar tissue on fresh wounds. Also can be used to remove old scars and restore the hair. It is the best I have ever seen for chain and boot rubs.” Order Equine Scar-Aid to­ day (clip coupon above) and discover what this remark­ able veterinary preparation can do for your horses! Satis­ faction is guaranteed or your money refunded. Equine Scar-Aid may also be purchased from the fol­ lowing dealers: National Bridle Shop ii Lewisburg, Tenn. or Ben Howell & Son, Memphis. Dealers Wanted For complete details, write to address shown in coupon.