1965-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1965 March Voice - Page 14

WASHINGTON STATE OPEN HORSE SHOW. INC. Mr. James G. Fletcher, Yakima insurance man, has been named as Manager for the 1965 Washington State Open Horse Show and Wash­ ington State University Judging School to be held in Yakima. Wash­ ington, May 28. 29, 30, 1965. Mr. Fletcher was raised on a livestock ranch near Yakima and was a member of the Yakima County Junior Sheriff's Posse for eight years, serving as their cap­ tain the last two years. Upon grad­ uation from Selah High School he attended Washington State Uni­ versity where he served as Show Announcer from 1959 to 1962 when he graduated. During this time he worked under Dr. M. E. Ensmin- ger who managed the show when it was held in Pullman. In 1963, the University decided to give up the sponsorship of this 14 year old twin-event and a com­ mittee from the Yakima Cham­ ber of Commerce, spearheaded by Mr. Fletcher went to Pullman to bring the event to Yakima on a permanent basis. He was selected as Chairman of the 1964 Show which attracted over 800 horse en­ tries and capacity crowds. Mr. Fletcher is a member of the Yakima Chamber of Commerce, Visitors and Convention Bureau Executive Committee, and the Ya­ kima Junior Chamber of Com­ merce. He makes his home in Yakima with his wife, Lianne and their two daughters. HORSES FOR SALE WE WILL LEASE YOUR MARE — KEEP HER, FEED HER, BREED HER and SELL THE COLT. A PACKAGE DEAL! PLEASURE HORSES, BROOD MARES & COLTS Mares in foal to Midnight Sun, Sun’s Delight, At Stud: Midnight's Blue Booger and Go Boy's Astronaut. FACTORY BUILT, 2 HORSE TRAILER Special bargain in this like-new demonstrator MIDNIGHT OAKS STUD FARM HOLLY TREE FARM P. O. Box 411 Visitors Welcome FRED M. PHILLIPS 217 Easl Holland, Shelbyville, Tennessee Business 684-7778 Residence 684-5485 Shelbyville, Tennessee Phone 684-4714 NAMEPLATES — Two Styles —Top Mounting and Side Mounting One Line of Copy $5.50 Two Lines of Copy 6.50 Three Lines of Copy 7 50 (Prices Include Shipping) WALKING HORSE MAILBOX NAMEPLATES and Lawnmarkers TO ORDER Please PRINT or TYPE Name and Address (If Desired) on Separate Sheet o'f Paper and Mail with Check or Money Order to; NOTE: Please Put NAME on Line One, ADDRESS on Line Two and CITY on Line Three. AT LAST! NAMEPLATE c/o VOICE Publishing Company P. O. Box 3054 Chattanooga, Tennessee - 37404 HERE ARE THE HARDBACK BINDERS FOR YOUR VOICE MAGAZINES! By popular demand hardback to CONTACT Lakeside Acres Rt. 2, Killen, Alabama Call Florence 764-4367 14 hold twelve constructed to copies enable of easy the This is a magazine. large handlying and It is reading while holding magazines in place. THE PERFECT WAY TO PRESERVE YOUR BACK ISSUES! SET UP YOUR OWN REFERENCE LIBRARY ON THE TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE BY GETTING YOURS TODAY! ONLY AGNES JENKINS AGNES JENKINS ... we have finally obtained for the VOICE. S'/*" x 11%" heavy Vinyl book binder designed ORSE SHOW x ORGANIST ~ * For quality Baldwin Organ music and variety of songs. Four years experience at Florence, Shef­ field, Huntsville, Lexington and other Horse Shows. binders Postpaid *300 SEND CHECK OR MONEY ORDER VOICE PUBLISHING COMPANY P, O. Box 3054 o Chattanooga, Tennessee « 37404 VOICE of The Tennessee Walking Horse