1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 October Voice - Page 17

October H(j7)RSE as a governor of feed, in self-feeding a band of mares or a group of young­ sters; slotted floors to alleviate bedding; lagoons for manure disposal; and the use of large hay rack to lessen fre­ quency of hauling. But this is not all! Some ingenious horsemen are now using closed circuit TV’s, with a camera in the maternity stall. They sit at home and enjoy their favorite TV program, interrupted periodically as they switch to Channel X. Next they’ll teach the mare to send out distress calls like, “Wilbur, my midwife, come help me.” As the name indicates, stable vices are those which are observed in con­ finement. Many of them originate with incompetent handling and lack of exer­ cise; but once acquired they are dif­ ficult to cope with or to correct. The common ones are: 1. Bolting.—Eating too fast; usually rectified by placing some baseball sized stones in the feed box. 2. Cribber.—Biting or setting the teeth against the manger (or other object) and sucking in air; remedied by buckling a strap around the neck and compressing the larynx with dis­ comfort. 3. Halter pulling.—Pulling on the halter when tied. 4. Kicking.—Striking with the hind feet without provocation. 5. Tail rub bing.—Rubbing the tail against the side of the stall or other objects; rectified by installing a tail board. 6. Weaving. — Rhythmical swaying back and forth while standing in the stall. 7. Other Vices.—Balking, rearing, shying, striking with the front feet, running away, and objection to har­ nessing, saddling, and grooming. YOUR GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY To raise unbeatable livestock. You can now buy— WENONAH FARM A fertile 836-Acre show place, com­ pletely covered with luxurious grasses and clovers. Many International Champions were raised here. Owner retiring pricing low. Telephone MU 4-1721 or write: PLEASURE HORSES Western and English First time offered to the public— A select group of TOP BRED pleasure horses with such famous bloodlines as: Midnight Sun— White Merry Boy—Archer's Silver Allen—Last Chance—Roan Allen —Merry Boy—Hunter’s Allan— Merry Lady Bell — Giovanni — Phantom Lady — Golden Star Light—Bramlett — Byrom's Allan —and Merry Go Boy. Colts and fillies, all colors, broke and ready to go! ROCK PILE RANCH P. O. Box 1, Perkins, California EMpire 3-2603 BAILEY EVANS 422 Belmont Avenue Shelbyville, Tennessee A MUST FOR EVERY WALKING HORSE LOVER! A solid cast reproduction for the Tennessee Walking Horse showing the gait for which he is famous . . . the “Running Walk." every detail. This wall plaque is beautiful in It was designed by a man who knows • SIZE: 18" Wide x 14" High x 1%" Deep • AVAILABLE IN THREE COLORS: Black, Silver and Gold Walking Horses who has reproduced the most classic DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER details of several world champions in this piece. From ONLY $g.95 the keen head to the flowing tail . . . this is a most accurate work of art, and will compliment any room. MAIL COUPON TODAY POSTAGE PAID COPLACO Craft —Dept. CBS BOX 9182, CHATTANOOGA 12, TENNESSEE Gentlemen: Please send me________ “Walking Horse" Wall Plaques in the colors indicated: ________ BLACK _______ SILVER _________ GOLD Enclosed find: ________ Check_______ Money Order Name_________________________________________________ Address------------------------------------------------------------------------ City____________________________ State__________________ ■