1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 March Voice

(A monthly magazine devott SKSi8Yviii.fi, TSNNSSSS: March, 1963 S®i's Successor Occupies S®i @f Midnight's Stall No one can measure the misery that swept me on a Tuesday night When I reached home and my wife, Minna, told me “Son Is Dead." He was an intimate member of our family, but never ate at our table, He never slept on our bed, never spoke a word but understood all we said. Son of Midnight he was named—a great son indeed of that Master Sire, Midnight Sun, long a pillar of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breed. We have a feeling his sire is grieving now for his son who sired Ebony Masterpiece, 1962 World's Grand Champion, and other great horses. But Son of Midnight had a more glowing future than he had a past. He was reaching his prime—the pivot of our expanding breeding program. Yet suddenly, Son was gone in the horseflesh. What could we do? Our beautiful new entrance was built to attract the world to see this prized horse. We gave Son the best we had for the rest of time— a grave within 50 feet of our home At a spot where Mrs. Worrell will make flowers grow and bloom all year. Later we will place there a fitting monument to this great horse. For two nights after Son’s death I slept not a wink—grieving and wondering. As my wife kissed me goodnight she would say, “Sleep Dear, do not worry." But worries came—my greatest desire was to pass along to the greatest horse Breed in this world, the fine bloodline that made Son of Midnight so great. On the third night I found a decision—and entered a blissful, refreshing sleep. Sleep came when I determined to place into immediate service Son’s Successor, A most promising 3-year-old facsimile of the 18-year-old Son of Midnight. Next day this fine black stallion was led to the Son of Midnight stall, He seemed to be proud also. I am 71 but will live to see him sire A World’s Grand Champion like his daddy did before him. That’s my belief. (H. L. Worrell, Solitude Stock Farm, Goodletlsville, Term., Feb. 20,1963) Two Stalwart Sons Step Into Son Of Midnight's Shoes—See Page 1 Celebration Adds 286 Boxes—6 Chairs Each—For Silver Anniversary