1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 July Voice - Page 8

6 ■July , 1963
( Continued from Page 5 ) erly . If you are really new at the game , you may have a tendency to spoil the colt to the point that it will be twice as hard to break to ride when he is ready . If you know absolutely nothing about the breaking and training of a Walker then you would have to place the colt in a trainers hands to be assured of the proper training . Then , too , you will have to be schooled . Take into consideration these three things , cost , time , and knowledge . If you can afford a trainer and all the necessities that come with raising a colt , then by all means do it if that is what you really want , BUT , if you cannot truly say yes and be able to do right by the colt , then I would say " No .” Buy a good , settled horse and learn from him , or her . If you still feel you would like to raise at least one colt , then purchase a good mare and either have her bred to a good stallion OR buy a good saddle mare that will foal the following year . This will give you about a year to learn , and you can become more prepared for the coming arrival .
Q — 1 have been reading your article about the pleasure horse and also note that you have a show horse . While we are not contemplating exhibiting at the present time , we may show in the future . We are wondering whether we should buy a horse that is a pleasure horse now and one we could convert into a show horse later , or would it be better to buy a horse already trained for show work and use him as a pleasure horse until we definitely decide to show ?
A — If you are merely contemplating showing , then do not buy a trained show horse . It takes a long time to bring the horse back down to a pleasure level , and as a rule , the horse cannot be turned back into a show horse , or at least one that would be in the money . Then , too , take into consideration the age of the trained show horse and the possibility that it may he anywhere from two years on before you were really ready to show . This time lapse would do the show horse no good whatsoever . Your best bet would be to buy a good pleasure horse . Only possibly one that could be turned into a show horse , if you feel that it would be soon that you were ready for the leap . Remember that it is far easier to take a pleasure horse and do the converting than it is the other way around . My true answer would be this , remember the time element and the age of the horse you buy . It would probably be much belter for you to buy the pleasure horse now — and then when you are actually ready to show , buy a show horse . It may be , that by the time you are ready to exhibit , either horse may be " loo old " to put in the ring .
1 hope that I have helped a few of you by answering these questions publicly . If I have not , then let me know and perhaps I can help you personally . from time to time 1 will devote mysell to answering ( or trying , at least ) questions that I think will benefit everyone concerned in the Walking Horse world .
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Americus , Ga ., Group Forms New Saddle Club
George and Judith Ethridge , 602 Valley Drive , Americus , Ga ., tell about a new Americus Saddle Club organized last fall with a beautiful arena prepared by the County Commission . Judith is club secretary . The group sponsored a horse show on June 2 .
Their gelding , Ace ’ s Buck ( called Diamond ) placed second in the amateur class at a first showing on May 4 and the Etheridges were highly gratified .
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