1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 July Voice - Page 26

July, 1963 24 SHOWS YOU SHOULD REMEMBER FOR THE 1963 SEASON July 2 Ackerman, Miss. 3-4 Kosciusko, Miss. 4 Florence, Ala. A Jonesboro, Tenn. 5-6 Louisville, Miss. 5-7 Great Falls, Montana G Jackson, Tenn. (N.S.) 7-13 Lexington, Ky. 9 Pontotoc, Miss. 12 Cornersville, Tenn. 13 Thompson, Ga. 13 Chapel Hill, Tenn. 13 Elizabethton, Tenn. 13 Lone Oak, Ky. 16 New Albany, Miss. 17 Gun town. Miss. 18 Ardmore, Tenn. 19 Murray, Ky. 19-21 Hendersonville, N.C. 20 Fayetteville, Tenn. 20 Benton, Ky. 24- 25 Ruleville, Miss. 25- 28 Omaha, Neb. 26- 27 Clarksdale, Miss. 27 Crossville, Tenn. 27 Pulaski, Tenn. 28 Evansville, Ind. TV Demonstration Show (Entries only by invitation) 30 Covington, Tenn. 31 Aug. 1 Oxford, Miss. August 2-3 Tupelo, Miss. 2 Belfast, Tenn. 3 Wartrace, Tenn. 5- 7 Paducah, Ky. 6- 10 Nashville, Tenn. (State) 8 Bells, Tenn. 8- 10 Amory, Miss. 11-17 Springfield, 111. (State) 15- 17 Martinsville, Va. 15 Forrest City, Ark. 16- 17 Bastrop, La. 16-17—Maryville, Tenn. 16- 24 Des Moines, Iowa (State) 17 Lawrenceburg, Tenn. 26-31 Indianapolis, Ind. (State) 30-31 Pennington Gap, Va. 6-9 Montgomery, Ala. Advertising Rates For The Voice Current advertising rates for the Voice, unchanged since its inception, follow— with our pages measuring a full 10 inches in depth and each of 3 columns being 2 1-3 inches wide — price does not in­ clude engraving cost which must be added: Front Cover—$250, none available until after September, 1963; Inside Front Cover or Inside Back Cover—$1S0. Other inside pages S125. All other sizes at $5 per column inch for space used. A discount of 20 per cent is applied to consistent or standing advertising, Revi­ sion of rates is expected by Jan. 1, 1964 as we anticipate a spectacular rise in circulation. In fact, it is already spectacu­ lar. Classified Advertising, $5 minimum with 10c per word for ad exceeding 50 words. Stud Registry listings—$2 per month, with at least 6 months minimum recom­ mended, must be paid in advance. Thanks to all. BAG. Horse, 35, Put To Sleep Kate Harrison of Winchester, Tenn., informs she has a horse-loving family and all were in mourning four years ago when “we had to put to sleep a very dear Chief that we had had in the family 35 years plus.” Mrs. Harrison is president of the Medical Assistants’ Society of Tennessee. Has ‘Survived’ Catastrophies “During the last six months I have survived two major catastrophies—be­ sides a two-week 'rest’ in the hospital," says Alice O. Kenyon, 620 Main Street, Eu Claire, Wis. "In mid-October on a glorious windy night my cherished 65-foot barn burned to the ground (cause un­ known) with all equipment, much unreplaceable. A week ago my 22- year-old Walking mare had to be put to sleep. “However, I have her two children, 13-year-old Potter by Allens Shamrock and his sister, Sun’s Foreign Aid, 6 years old, sired by Midnight Sun. As soon as school is out I will rebuild on new soil! And ride!” Suggested Vacation Reading! A new found friend, Carl H. Loebs, Rt. 3, Box 265-A, Greensboro, N. C. Air Mails the following letter to us: Dear Ben: Since I subscribed last month to your excellent magazine, I have been very busy reading every word, includ­ ing the advertisements, in the supply of back issues that you sent me. You are doing an outstanding job for a wonderful breed of horse. I am leaving on June 25th for a seven weeks trip to the Canadian Rockies and it may be possible to get a copy of your book, if you will mail it promptly. I will have lots of time to read while on my vacations. MERRY GO BOY COLTS-MARES IN FOAL TO MIDNIGHT SUN AND OLD GLORY JR. AMATEUR AND PLEASURE HORSES September 1-7 Shelbyville, Tenn. (Celebration) 5- 12 New York, N. Y. 6- 7 Lebanon, Tenn. (Fair) 9- 14 Louisville, Ky. (State) 19-21 Knoxville, Tenn. 28 Elberton, Ga. 28-29 New Orleans, La. (St. Martins.) October 4-8 Dallas, Tex. (Series I) 10- 12 Chattanooga, Tenn. 11- 19 Kansas City, Kans. (Royal) 17- 20 Dallas, Tex. (Series II) 19-26 Harrisburg, Penna. 22- 27 Washington, D. C. 31-Nov. 3 Baton Rouge, La., (Jubilee) November 19-24 Sedalia, Mo. (State) 23- 31 Columbus, Ohio (State) 'YOUR PLEASURE IS OUR PLEASURE' HOLLY TREE FARM FRED PHILLIPS, SHELBYVILLE, TENN. Bus. 684-7778 Office 217 E. Holland (Farm 684-4827) Res. 684-5485