1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 July Voice - Page 22

20 July, 1963 SHOW RESULTS (Continued from Page 19) SHELBYVILLE PTA SHOW Two-Year-Old Walking Stallions, Geldings: 1, Midnight Pride, Donald Paschal up for Hall McNabb, Murfreesboro; 2, Mack's Su­ preme, Buddy Kirby up for Urquhart Stab- bles, Columbia; 3. Handshaker’s Eagle, Jack Darnell up for Graham & Darnell Stables. Huntsville, Ala.; 4, Kitty Mac K, Paul Smith up for Dr. Marvin Silver, Bradenton, Fla.; 5, Midnight Alamo, Buddy Black up for Mr. and Mrs. Billy Hale, Gallatin. Ladies Amateur: 1, Confederate Raider, Vicki Lynn Thompson up for Dean McGill, Okla­ homa City; 2, Fascinating Rhythm. Mrs. Ar­ thur Dalton up for Dr. Arthur Dalton; 3, Man of Distinction, Mrs. William D. Jones, owner-rider, Fayetteville; 4, Mr. Spur, Miss Judy Knowles, owner-rider, Brentwood; 5. Secret’s Lady, Mrs. Doug Wolaver up for Roy Calahan, Charleston, Mo. Three-Year-Old Stallion, Mare or Gelding: 1, Go Boy’s Spice, Doug Wolaver up for Gen. L. J. Sverdrup, St. Louis, Mo.; 2, Mr. Piddley, Bud Dunn up for Sam Hall, Tuscumbia, Ala.; 3, Woods Go Boy, Ray Tenpenny up for Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Woods, Shelbyville; 4, Merry Major, Gaines Luna up for Gelespie Seed Co.. Franklin, Ky.; 5, Go Boy Walks Again, Vic Thompson up for Roscoe Blue, Fayetteville, N. C. Walking Ponies: 1, Little Bit ‘O Trouble. Ray Beech up for Joe Kelley, Jr., Columbia; 2. Donna’s Mac K. Olivia Meek up for Mar­ tha and Olivia Meek, Columbia; 3, Melissa’s Power Pack, Melissa Jones, owner-rider, Cen­ terville. Tcnn.; 4, Little Dude, Jimmy McFar- lin up for Hub Reese, Gallatin; 5, Sir Henry's Masterpiece, Natalie Slone up for Ray Ten- penny, Wartrace. Four-Year-Old Walking Mares: 1, Spur’s Sum­ mer Dream. Toby Green up for C. W. Lee Oil Co.; 2, Untouchable, Vic Thompson up for O. D. Carlton, Albany, Ga.; 3, Shadow's Senorita, Benvis Beachboard up for Dr. T. W. Whitfield, Dalton, Ga.; 4, Dusty Durbin, Charles Martin up for Mr. and Mrs. Hoil Walker, Columbia; 5, Mack K’s Amanda, Jack Warren up for Barnwell Production Co., Shreveport, La. Amateur Walking Class: 1, Tombstone, W. T. Baynard, owner-rider, Baton Rouge, La.; 2, Phil’s Go Boy, Raye Graham up for Graham & Darnell, Huntsville, Ala.; 3, Ambassadore, Dr. L. T. Reeves up for Dr. and Mrs. L. T. Reeves, Columbia; 4, The Replica. John F. Diehl up for Sunny Acres Stables, Jonesboro, Tenn.; 5, Pat Go Boy, L. S. Overstreet, own­ er-rider, Fitzgerald, Ga. Walking Stallions or Geldings, 4 and over: 1, Sundust Sensation, Jack Warren up for W. T. Baynard, Baton Rouge, La.; 2, Black Gold, Donald Paschal up for Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Gillen, Cheseapeake. O.; 3, Red War­ rior, Vic Thompson up for Deedy Decker, Omaha, Neb.; 4, Sunset, Buddy Black up for E. A. Sisco, Mt Pleasant, Tenn.; 5, Pride's Perfect Model, Jack Darnell up for Darnell & Graham, Huntsville, Ala. (Continued on Page 21) The International Grand Champion Walking Horse is crowned each year in Bastrop, Louisiana August 15th, 16th & 17th. Riding For Pleasure Since 1945 Another Tennessee Walking Horse lover is Marjorie H. Young, Asalee Farm, Rt. 2, Cambridge, New York. She says that unfortunately, up in the North Country where she lives there are many owners who do not under­ stand the Walkers gaits, nor do they know how much to expect from a pleasure animal. She writes, "Many potentially fine animals are spoiled by incorrect riding and being pushed into pacing and racking; the riders not knowing the difference. “Another unfortunate thing is the fact that many folks see some high class show horses at places like Great Barrington and Troy, and then go home and attempt to identify their own pleasure Walkers with the ones observed in the show ring. Conse­ quently, numerous real nice saddle horses are unjustly maligned. The Voice is such an excellent vehicle for putting things across, that 1 hope it will help give further education about pleasure Walkers. "I found that run-walking a pleasure horse over ploughed fields is one of the best means of correcting faults in his walking gait. It also helped in one case when I used little tinkle-bells on the small chains dangling from bit. Wonder what a Yo-Yo would do?!!” (Page Virginia Lamb—Voice Cor­ respondent!) Suggests Mr. Sensation Tribute Thomas J. Ellis, P. O. Box 921, Mobile, Ala., suggests some type of fitting tribute to Mr. Sensation, the great gelding who won the gelding world’s title six limes, twice placed as reserve in the Celebration’s World Championship Stake, and showed be­ fore large crowds throughout the na­ tion. Friend Ellis says he twice heard Mr. Sensation was for sale and "had the ball bounced a bit differently I might have had him.” The horse died last fall at the Don Decker Farm near Omaha, Neb. (We understand the horse was buried on the farm and doubtless his grave will be appropri­ ately marked). FORMULA FOR BABY COLTS An interesting letter comes from our good friend Joyce Yarian, 865 Oak Ave. Lake Elmo, Minn. She tells how they are raising a baby colt, without a mare, in their basement. They bought this foal when it was four days old. It was a mare’s second foal.