1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 July Voice - Page 21

Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse COLUMBIA SPRING JUBILEE 19 Walking Ponies, riders under 18: Sun’s Glory Boy, Jimmy Ellis up for Ellis & Wilkinson, Orrville, Ala.; 2, Donna’s Mack K, Olivia Meek up for Martha and Olive Meek, Colum­ bia; 3, Melissa’s Power Pack, Melissa Jones, owner-rider, Centerville, Tenn.; 4, Go Boy’s Darlene, Doris Ledford up for Messenger Stables, Sparta; 5, Go Boy Go, Bobby Robin­ son up for Circle R Stables, West Point, Miss.; 6, Lil Abner, Susan Hunter, owuer- rider, Sparta, Tenn. Three-Year Walking Marcs: 1, Shadow’s Dancer, Jimmy Waddell up for Chester C. Coon, Oakland, Calif.; 2, Sun Dust’s Glory Girl, Russell Pate up for S. W. Beech, Bel­ fast; 3, Jet Gambling Girl, Bud Dunn up for James E. Sherman, Florence, Ala.; 4, Pleasure Merry Girl, Buddy Black, Lew'isburg, Tenn.; 5, Hallie’s Go Boy, FI. F. Estes, Madison, Tenn.; 6, Sun Dust Dream Girl, Phil Lem­ mons up for Lemons & White Stables, Colum­ bia. Tour-Year-Old Geldings: 1, Go Boy’s Big Man, Donald Paschal up for Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Myers. Goodlettsvilie; 2, Pride Perfect Model, Jack Darnell, owner-rider up, Hunts­ ville, Ala.; 3, Sundust Ace, Bud Dunn up for Gordie Powers, Russellville, Ala.; 4, Mr. Wa­ bash, Doug Wolaver up for Robert L. Hem­ bree, Guntersville, Ala.; 5. College Boy. Roy Starkey, up for Ben Hashe, Greenville; 6, Don’s Brightest Star, Bud Seaton up for Mr. and Mrs. Clay Simpson, Bowling Green, Ky. Ladies and Gentleman Riders on Walking Horses: 1, Sundust Sensation, W. T. Bay­ nard, owner-rider. Baton Rouge; 2, Go Boy’s Scooter, W. R. Mitchell, owner-rider, Mobile, Ala.; 3, Sun’s Blue Shadow', Mrs. Penn Mohon, owner-rider, Covington, Tenn.; 4, Shadow's Shadrack, Frank Parnell, Newbern; 5, Phil’s Go Boy, Rave Graham up for Jack Darnell, Huntsville; 6, Spur’s Summer Dream, Mrs. Madelyn Lee up for C. W. Lee Oil Co., Evansville, Ind. Four-Year-Old Stallions: 1, Mack K’s Big Story, Bur Kirby up for Mr. and Mrs. Lacy West, Kingsport; 2, Black Southernaire, Mar­ vin Wilson up for Sharon Terry • Stables, Cleveland, Miss.; 3, Black Gold, Donald Paschal up for Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Gillen, Cheseapeake, O.; 4, Spur’s Topper, George Witt up for Capt. and Mrs. E. A. Self, Mobile, Ala.; 5, Black Rhythm, Paul White­ head up for Kibler Farms, Mt Orab O.; 6, Shadow’s Red Warrior, Vic Thompson up for Decdee Decker, Omaha, Neb. Two-Year Walking Mares: 1, Midnite Pride, Donald Paschal up for Hall McNabb, Mur­ freesboro; 2, My Selection, Russell Pate up for John Stroud, Rosemark; 3, Secret’s Pro­ mise, J. T. Leech up for Dr. W. D. Tuttle, Harrisburg, 111.; 4, Sun's Glory Girl, Jimmy Waddell up for Dr. F. L. Rogers, Cadiz, O., and Donald Bargerly, Murfreesboro; 5, 3 Little Bit of Heaven, Bud Kirby up for Urqu- hart Stables, Columbia; 6, Glore Girl, Car- roll Wall up for Chester Chunn, Columbia. Thr ee-Year Walking Stallioris: 1, Go Boy’s Black Dandy, George Witt up for Dr. and Mrs. B. S. Henry, Russellville, Ala.; 2, Sun- dust Perfection, Budd Dunn up for Dr. and Mrs. B. S. Henry; 3, Sun’s Strut Along, Bud Seaton up for Oakley Hayes, Herrin, 111.; 4, Go Boy Walks Again, Vic Thompson up for Roscoe Blue, Fayetteville, N. C.; 5, Go Boy’s Spice, Doug Wolavcr up for Gen. L. J. Sverd­ rup, St. Louis, Mo.; 6, Rare Delight, Bud Kirby up for Urquhart Stables, Columbia. Gentlemen-Amateur Riders on Walking Horses: 1, Perfect Precision, W. T. Baynard, owner-rider, Baton Rouge; 2, Shadow’s Shad- rack, Frank Parnell, owner-rider, Newbern, Tenn.; 3, The Ambassador, Dr. L. T. Reeves, owner-rider, Columbia; 4, Secret’s Again, James Adcock, owner-rider. Hohenwald; 5, Go Boy’s Fancy Pants, H. C. Robinson up, Circle R Stables. West Point, Miss.; 6, Go Boy’s Miracle, Russell Nixon, owner-rider, Monoville, Tenn. Juveniles on Walking Horses, IS years and under: 1, Mack’s Amanda K, Betty Lou War­ ren up for Barnwell Construction Co., Shreve­ port, La.; 2, Black Magic Lady, Sharon Terry, owner-rider, Cleveland. Miss.; 3, Go Boy’s Honey Dew, D’Leese Williamson, own­ er-rider, Jackson, Miss.; 4, King Creole, Jimmy Green up for Huggins and Green, Oklahoma City and Shelbyville; 5, Go Boy’s Challenger, Linda Robinson up for Circle R Stables, West Point, Miss.; 6, Panola Bonanza, Janie Julian up for Frank Brown, Mobile, Ala. Walking Mares: 1, Sun’s Paper Doll, Donald Paschaf up for Harris & Paschal, Woodbury. Tenn.; 2, Untouchable, Vic Thompson up for O. D. Carlton, Albany, Ga.; 3, Secret's Lady, Bob Cherry up for Harber & Cherry Stables, Centerville, Tenn.; 4, Spur’s Dark Glory, George Witt up for Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Crawford, Montgomery, Ala.; 5, Dusty Durbin, Charles Martin up for Mr. and Mrs. I-Ioil Walker, Columbia; 6, Confederate Cameo, Budd Dunn up for Dr. and Mrs. George Smith, Corinth, Miss. Championship Walking Horse Stake: 1, Mr. Lady Amateurs on Walking Horses: 1, Con­ Big Shot, Billy Brantley up for Mr. & Mrs. federate Raider, Vicki Lynn Thompson, E. Cecil Phillips & Dr. & Mrs. W. R. Harper, owner-rider, Shelbyville; 2, Lady Godiva, Chattanooga; 2, Midnight Black Man, C. R. Mrs. Frank Parnell, owner-rider, Newbern, Nipper up for Waterville Stables, Cleveland; Tenn.; 3, Go Boy’s Scooter, Sharon Mitchell 3, Merry Diamond, O. K. Hege, owner-rider, up for W. R. Mitchell, Mobile, Ala.; 4, Sun's Dunlap; 4, Rising Sun, Jack Gardner up for Blue Shadow, Mrs. Penn Mahon, owner- Corley Gardner, Crossville, Ala. rider, Covington, Tenn.; 5, Merry Boy’s Walking Stallions and Geldings: 1, Sun’s Traveler, Betty Sain, owner- rider, Bell Buckle; Peacock, Billy Brantley up for Lonas Con­ 6, Mr. Spur, Judy Knowles, owner-rider, struction Co., Chattanooga; 2, King Bee, C. Brentwood. W. Bradley, owner-rider, Cleveland; 3, Sun’s Two-Year-Old Walking Stallions or Geldings: Shamrock, John Price up for Dr. Fred 1, Magic, Shadow, Jimmy Waddell up for Mitchell, Chattanooga; 4, Ceil Heat, Bruce Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parnell, Newbern; 2, Spencer up for Mr. L. O. Ledford, Rossville, Shadow' at Midnight, Carlton Pitts up for Wayne Longmire and Meeks Bros., Knoxville Ga. , Junior Walking Horses: 1, Mack’s Boy, Gene and Bell Buckle; 3, Go Boy’s Star Fire, Doug Dillard up for Combs Stables, Calhoun, Ga.; Wolaver up for Steve Beech, Belfast; 4, Go 2, Myrt’s Little Sue, C. R. Nipper up for Boy’s Crystal, Richard Pate up for West Point, Ga.; 5, Sundust Untouchable, Budd Waterville Stables, Cleveland; 3, Sun’s Ad­ venture, W. J. Melton up for Luther Good­ Dunn up for Louis Biggerstaff, Kokoma, Ind.; win, Cleveland; 4, Sunny Jane, L. J. Shelton G, Sun Dust Go Boy, George Witt up for Dr. up for Gayle Sue Shelton, Spring City. and Mrs. Marshall Carrier, Decatur, Ala. ROSSVILLE KIWANIS CLUB HORSE SHOW Amateur Walking Horses: I, Mr. Under­ taker, Harvey Combs up for Combs Stables, Calhoun, Ga.; 2, Little Man, J. L. Nipper up for Waterville Stables, Cleveland, 3, Mr. B., Bob Cooley up for Burns Florists, Madison- vi lie; 4, Sir Henry's Sun Rise, Delano Richards, owner-rider, Dalton, Ga. Walking Mares: 1, Sir Henry’s Lady Lee, Billy Brantley up for Sue Kropp, Signal Mountain. 2, Merry Diamond, O. K. Hege, owner-rider, Dunlap. 3, Miss Go Boy, L. J. Shelton up for Roy C. Garrison, Dayton. 4, My Lady K, J. L. Nipper up for Water­ ville Stables, Cleveland. Two-Year Old Walking Horses: 1, Skylite Anderson, W. F. Sullivan up for Mosquito Flats Stables, Chattanooga. 2, Go Boy Plus, John Price up for C. C. Moss, Jr., Jasper. 3. Rebel Rouser, Mack Moats up for Jack Jackson, Chattanooga. 4, Allen’s Politician, Bobby Cooley, Jr., owner-rider, Madisonville. Ladies Walking Horses: 1, Sir Henry’s Lady Lee, Sue Kropp, owner-rider, Signal Moun­ tain. 2, Mr. Golden Sun, Genevieve Lee, own- er-rider, Chattanooga. 3, Spur’s Genius, Vir­ ginia Ray, owner-rider, Chattanooga. 4, The Sun’s Junior, Gloria Spencer, ow'ner-rider, Chattanooga. Pleasure Walking Horses: 1, Miss Bon Bon, Jack Jackson, owner-rider, Chattanooga. 2, The Sun’s Junior, L. O. Ledford up for C. B. Spencer, Chattanooga. 3, Spur’s Genius, Vir­ ginia Ray, owner-rider, Chattanooga. 4, Steve’s Old Glory, Steve Cole, owner-rider, Dalton. COPPER BASIN SHOW RESULTS Two-Year-Old Walking Horses: 1, Jet’s Rock­ ett, Wink Groover up for Jerry Armstrong, Englewood; 2, Mack K’s Grand Dream, Billy Brantley up for Billy Mansel, Chattanooga; 3, Merry Boy’s Delight, Eddie Wiser up for K. W. Allison, Mendenhall Miss.; 4, Jeff’s Big Man Boyd Milton up for Jeff Brooks, Mur­ phy, N. C. Amateur IValking Horses: 1, Sun’s Magic Night, Judy Wiser up for Robert C. Wall, Jackson, Miss.; 2, Merry Blue Boy, Kenny Dickson up for Owen Fullen, Athens; 3, Go Boy’s Bonanza, Hal Hensley, owner-rider, Athens; 4, Nifty Notion, E. B. Quinton, owm- er-rider, Rossville, Ga. Juvenile Walking Horse Class: 1, Sterling Silver B., Sue Elder, owner-rider, Athens; 2, Allen's Big Shot, Chucky Isbill, owner-rider, Etowah; 3, Sir Henry’s Lady Lee, Susan Kropp, owner-rider, Signal Mountain; 4, The Apache, June Riggs, owner-rider, Athens. Junior Walking Horses: 1, Jet’s Blue Son, Wink Groover up for Frank Riggs, Athens; 2, Sun Set Commander, Davy Watts up for R. M. Watts, Englewood; 3, Top Side Sunset, Kenny Dickson up for Harry Evans, Athens; 4, Chief’s Little Man, W. J. Milton up for Goodwin Stables, Cleveland. Pleasure Walking Horses: 1, Sycamore’s Pride, Linda Lee, owner-rider, Ducktown; 2, Sun’s Desert Sand, J. M. Golden, owner-rider. Copperhill; 3, The Sun Junior, Bruce Spen­ cer up for Battleground Stables, Fort Ogle­ thorpe, Ga.; 4, Spur’s Genius, Virginia Ray, owner-rider, Chattanooga. Championship Walking Horse Stake: 1, Ring- A Ding Ding, Eddie Wiser up for Gulf Hills Dude Ranch, Ocean Springs, Miss.; 2, Sun­ dust of Midnight, Kenny Dickson, up for Owen Fullen, Athens; 3, Bryan’s Pride, Ken­ dall Armstrong up for L. C. Bryan, Athens; 4, Sun's Golden Spot, Wink Groover up for M. C. Miller, Etowah. (Continued on Page 20)