1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 July Voice - Page 16

14 July , 1963
( Continued from Page 13 ) nursing and feeding , and the proper drug or drugs administered by a veterinarian .
When an animal dies , it should be destroyed by burning or deep burial . Also , any bedding should be burned , and infected premises should be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected with a 5 per cent lye solution .

Floating On a Cloud

Say Judith & George Ethridge of 602 Valley Drive , Americus , Georgia .
George ( my husband ) and I are very “ green ” amateurs in the Walking Horse World but we are learning each and every day , George has been riding for about five years now . My Daddy gave me my first horse , an Arabian filly , in 1951 . I still have her and have ridden her many wonderful miles over the years . “ Crickett ” and I grew up together , each learning from the other . This mare has been everything from a " make-believe cowpony on one day to a Snow-White range stallion the next .”
George bought us a Walking Horse gelding , Ace ’ s Buck ( call-name DIA­ MOND ) last October . THE VOICE has helped us immensely in both understanding and greatly appreciating Diamond . We had a seemingly impossible dream of owning and showing our own Walking Horse . Well , it finally came true for us with the help of the most wonderful trainer and friend two young beginners could have — Mr . J . O . Hall , Jr ., Albany , Georgia .
With Mr . Hall ' s patience and training , we entered Lhe show ring for our first time on May 4 , 1963 . Scared but determined we enLered the ring with 14 other horses and riders from Georgia , Alabama , and Florida . The excitement of the hoof beats and the thrill of the ride touched both horse and rider . I knew the minute the " big horse ” stretched those powerful legs that nothing could slow him down when they called out “ Let ’ Em Walk .”
Good fortune , and a good horse , did the work . Diamond placed SECOND in the Amateur Walking Horse Class and we came home that night “ floating on a cloud .” With a red ribbon and a check . After that ride , George patted Diamond on the neck and said ,
“ Well , big boy , you sure walked into a new feed bag tonight .” And Diamond did just that .
George and 1 have not been able to attend any shows since May 4 th although there were several w ' e had planned to attend . If nothing happens , we plan to be at the Macon , Georgia Show on July 19 and 20 .
Americus has recently formed a new club : The Americus Saddle Club , and last November many wonderful people ( too numerous to name ) on the County Commission prepared a beautiful arena for the club . I am the Secretary and am so proud of how the club is growing in size-slowly but surely . I have felt for a long time that we needed a meeting place for the riders here in town . A place that everyone could meet and ride without being on the streets with its constantly increasing traffic .
The Saddle Club was host to the Georgia Quarter Horse Assn , on June 2 , 1963 . Our club got the proceeds from concessions and tickets . We faired well and now ' have three new ' light poles installed at the arena . We hope to have five more poles before we host the Shrine Horse Show in September .

Cancer Operation Over ; She Learned To Ride A Walker

K . E . Peterson of Box 698 , East Main , Carbondale , Illinois , gives some intensely interesting information about his w ' ife ’ s enjoyment in riding a Tennessee Walking Horse .
Mrs . Peterson became ill in the fall of 1961 and an operation was performed for removal of a cancer . Now she has completely recovered and as Friend Peterson says it- “ thanks to God , and to our good doctor and to the horse .”
“ A few weeks after the operation , my Doctor Friend advised me to try and get my wife interested in riding , to try to help gel things off her mind . At that time I didn ’ t have anything I could trust putting her on .
“ At the same time my Doctor was wanting a horse . He had never ridden and had no place to keep a horse . So in looking around I found a pair of Roan Allen Walkers . The Doctor and I bought them in partnership , and we brought them home to my barn where we kept them .
“ We got my wife and his wife both interested in riding , and since then we have all had a ball . Now ' w ' e are all ‘ dyed in the -wool ’ Walking Horse fans , owners and boosters .
“ Until that time I had always owned 5-gaited horses . I still have one fine 6-year-old , 5-gaited mare but she is strictly a man ’ s horse ,” says Friend Peterson .
He also tells us he mails copies of the Voice to a friend , Dr . R . V . Lee , who took a 9-month leave from his job at the Southern Illinois University to give his services at a Christian Mission Hospital in South Rhodesia , Africa .
The ‘ Only Walker Owner
Miss Grace A . Eckstein of 373 De Witt Avenue , Belleville , N . J ., does not know ' of any other Tennessee Walking Horse owner who lives in her home town or at Coxsackie , N . Y ., where her horse is boarded .
“ I have owned by horse for nine years — she really owns me —. I am sorry I never got her papers , as I would like to know her breeding in selecting another Walker ," Grace w ' ent on . “ I would never own a horse of another breed . At the rate my old girl is going at 18 years it may be years before I have to consider another horse . Then I want to get a horse ready to show '." ( Surely there is some other Tennessee Wellman Ave ., S . E ., Massilon .
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