1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 July Voice - Page 12

10 July , 1963
( Continued from Page 9 ) rough going . When I called on him for a canter the first time , I literally squealed for delight . This was my idea of heaven !
When we came to a herd of whitefaces , I gave him a moment to look them over . He was curious , and not at all frightened or excited . For the fun of it , I tried cutting out an old cow . Nothing to it . This was a new game for Bay Gem and what fun . He worked very quietly , but responded quick as a wink , and covered the ground as needed . We cut out another and another . He was neck reining . I don ’ t know when I stopped using the bit aid , but here he was neck reining as well as you ’ d ask . He wasn ’ t called on to make any quarter horse dashes , or quick sliding stops . But he got the job done . And with pleasure .
When it was time to head back , he wasn ’ t ready to leave . His attitude then was “ the show ’ s over ’’. We had a leisurely ride home . We were both tired , but Bay Gem was alert and ready every step of the way . Now he was completel relaxed . We knew each other . This was his country . He had been put to the test and passed with colors flying . He belonged . Cotton rows or sagebrush , show ring or cattle herd , this little Walker could take them all in stride . And now the Sun ’ s Bay Gem was heading HOME . He felt good , Mighty GOOD . Yes sir . And you can just nod your head on that — and nod . and nod . and nod . ALETHA WIEHL 5211 East Sunset Drive Yakima , Wash . * * * - New California Stable
The W . C . Newbys , Ord Ferry Stage , Chico , California , tell us they have built a new stable for their Walkers . They have 3 new colts to add to their number of horses this year . They are building a track 320 feet long to train on . Their barn will have 8 box stalls and tack room . They are now the proud owners of 9 registered Walking Horses and say they enjoy every one of them . ( They have a box for the Celebration and we look forward to seeing them again this year .)


By Voice Secretary
Real Love for Horse
Devotion to her horse is shown in a letter received from Margot Colpitis , lfi9 Elizabeth St ., Toronto , Out . Canada . She writes :
1 have just moved here and started a new business-Hand Knits , Custom Style , and 1 am even spinning the wool myself . I call my studio " The Red Walking Horse ”. The name has nothing to do with knitted goods but horses are my hobby . I have hung on to my horse through ‘ hell and high water ’ and 1 plan to move him into my hack yard , so I can be near him . A horse in downtown Toronto ! Fortunately , I can ride my horse in a beautiful valley which is only a five minute walk from the city .
My small son , Peter , loves horses , too . He is very proud of our horse and explains to everyone what a Walking Horse is . It will be a happy day when I can get a Walking Horse for Peter ' s very own .
Change Name of Stable
Mr . and Mrs . Mark Kroll of Cincinnati announce that their stable formerly known as Post and Paddock Stables , Inc . is now called Calico Farms , Inc . Willard Tenpenny is their manager-trainer . All Tennessee Walking Horse lovers are invited to visit them . Their phone number 231-2167 .
The Krolls say Walking Horse enthusiasts are increasing by leaps and bounds in their area .
The Cincinnati Charity Horse show was a tremendous success this year , bringing in fine horses from all over the country '. Even the juvenile class was filled to the brim . They feel that this is important to the future success of the Tennessee Walking Horse . The Krolls live at 759 Watch Point Drive , Cincinnati 30 , Ohio .
Ohioans Meet 2nd Wednesday
“ The welcome mat is out to all Tennessee Walking Horse lovers ” when the Buckeye Walking Horse Assn , meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month in Tallmadge , Ohio , reports President Bob Boerner , 1139 Wellman Ave ., S . E ., Massilon . A large and enthusiastic throng is seen at every session .
The Voice A Must
So says Mrs . Cyril R . Jones , Rt . 1 , Clarion , Penna . as she renews her subscription for another year . " I ' m like a lot of others . Just can ’ t do Without It ! ]’ m enclosing the ‘ necessary ’.”
She also writes about going on first Trail Ride . " I ’ ve been riding for 50 years and I rode my Merry Boy pleasure mare , aged 21 years . She was marvelous , never seemed to have a tired moment .
We rode through beautiful woodland trails , bordered blooming laurel and rhododendron . It was a very happy experience with thirty people riding .
My Lazy Lou ( her registered name ) travelled the fifteen miles right up with the four year olds .
Walkers Catching On In Alaska
So writes our friend Harre ! Lauderdale of Circle L Stables , 2412 Ingra St ., Anchorage , Alaska . He is planning on flying his stallion , Golden Suns Merry Boy , now stabled in Portland , to Alaska for a short breeding program , then returning him by air back to The Greentree Stables at Aloha , Oregon .
A Father ’ s Solution
In sending a renewal subscription Friend E . A . Hubbard , who operates a shoe store in Sanford , N . C ., makes a confession . He says :
" Your magazine does present some problem because on the day it arrives everyone wants to read it at the same lime . We have to some extent solved this problem by my reading it aloud to the rest of the family .” He lives on Route 4 , Box 212 .
* * # Walkers Are ‘ Different ’ Bob Atchison of 1412 N . Front , Dardenelle , Ark ., tells about purchasing a Midnight Mack K gelding , and another registered gelding . Both are bald sorrels with stockings .
“ Although we have had horses all our lives , these are our first Walkers ,” Bob confides . " And they are the finest , most enjoyable horses we have ever had .” ( A lot of people agree with you there — Charlie ).
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Membership open to all for pleasure and show . Help promote the Breed in Ohio . We need you and your ideas , and you will meet other lovers of the Tennessee Walker and make new friends .
Please contact Mrs . Goldie Boerner , Sec ' y , 7139 Wellman Ave . S . E ., Massillon , Ohio for membership application blanks in THE BUCKEYE WALK­ ING HORSE ASSOCIATION .