1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 January Voice | Page 25

Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse 23 were recently in Northern California looking for brood mares. They visited with Mr. Adrian Light in Stockton, and Leonard Dunn here in Sacra­ mento, as well as various other train­ BY VIRGINIA LAMB ers and barns. The feeling for good Voice Pacific Coast Representative brood mares is now running high in all of California and is expected to 2901 37th Avenue, Sacramento, Calif. get even greater. Mrs. Unger pur­ (1) A trail ride was held on Sun­ Leonard Dunn from his barn in Sacra­ chased a black, retired show mare day, November 25th with the starting mento, slated that this reading from me in 1961, Judy Gleaves. While here, Mrs. Unger rode my point being from the El Dorado Motel prompted his meeting in Chico. There on the outskirts of Sacramento to the will be another meeting held in Jan­ horse Cheyenne Thunder and made end of Watt Avenue. The ride was uary, but the date has not been set as this statement to Mr. Dunn, "He is approximately sixteen miles, round he is awaiting a confirmation from one of the best two-year-olds that I trip. Cecil Quick officiated as trail Mr. Tom Fulton, the Breeder’s Assn, have seen in California.” Mr. Smith executive secretary, who at this time also rode Cheyenne. His statement boss. Others on the ride were: Mr. J. D. is planning on attending the next was that this horse has one of the Landers and son, Jim; Mrs. Doris meeting and being a guest speaker. finest mouths and gaits that are “out McClelland, Cecil Quick, Cynthia Mr. Fulton spoke with Mr. Dunn by of this world." The question Mr. Morris, Thelma Cromwell, Alta Jones, phone and told him of his plans to be Dunn asked Mrs. Unger and Mr. Charles and Margaret King, Lester in California around that time, com­ Smith was if they felt Cheyenne was material. Mr. Unger said: and Helen Porter, Mr. 11. G. Simms, ing from Lewisburg, Tenn. Plans are Celebration also being made to obtain the film, “If I had this horse in my barn, I and Miss B. E. Capers. would be thinking of putting him in Four stops were made to give the Free and Easy, for viewing at the next the Celebration.” Mr. Smith said the horses a breather. Since this was a meeting. (3) Gallant Bess, ex-movie marc same thing. non-competitive ride, everyone was Johnny Gunn, along with his wife just plain happy to be able to enjoy owned by Mr. Art Parker of Grass themselves and go at a leisurely pace. Valley, Calif., has been bred to The and Mr. Smith whom he is training If any out-of-towners are interested Rebel j and is now settled. S he is for, visited the barn on the evening of in taking this next trail ride, I would still stabled at the Leonard Dunn December 2nd, after the meeting in appreciate them sending me their Walking Horse Training Barn in Chico and also rode Cheyenne. The statement Mr. Gunn made was that he names and addresses so that I can Sacramento. (4) June Unger of Santa Ana, was a great horse, also that he was one send out notices prior to the time of Calif., and her trainer, Richard Smith, (Continued on page 24) the ride. (2) A meeting was held in Chico, Calif, on Dec. 2nd at 4:00 P. M. It was started by Mr. Gene Newman of Orland, Calif., owner of 10 head of Walkers, including a stallion by Merry Doughboy and the balance in mares and colts. The purpose of this meeting was to organize a Walking Horse riding club and to promote Rl. 2, Box 242, Tucson, Ariz. shows in that vicinity, breeding and pleasure classes and the breeding of show type horses. There were 25 attending this meet­ Finished show and pleasure horses, clots from such world ing from Gridley, Red Bluff and Or­ champion mares as Midnight Mist, Sun's Lilac Time, Dixie land. Also represented from Ontario, Calif, were Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Darling as well as other royally bred matrons—Midnight Sun_ Gunn. Mr. Gunn, a trainer who is working horses for Mr. Donald V. Merry Boy bred mares for sale. Many times champion Danny Smith of Red Bluff was a guest Boy O at stud. Excellent training and boarding facilities. speaker and talked of breeding, shows and pleasure stock. Mr. Adrian Light, of Stockton, Cali­ fornia, the present owner of the GLENN WILLIS, Trainer 1962 Pacific Coast Champion stallion, Stately Go Boy, also was a guest speak­ MR. and MRS. M. G. OHREL, Owners er. Mr. Newman, who read of the success of the meeting held in Reno, Nevada, through the Voice, and read of the films shown there by Mr. Virginia Lamb's Own Column Quarter Circle Spear Ranch