1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 December Voice - Page 32

“It helps us breed champions” Milk-Bank boost of Pace Booster Pellets, made with milk by-products Lone Star Stables Raises Prize-Winning Tennessee Walking Horses on Pace Feed Booster Pellets for Bloom, Vigor, Stamina If there are two men who know how to breed champions and how to feed them, those men are Joe Wright and Bill Moore. Mr. Wright is &he owner, and Mr. Moore, the trainer of Lone Star Stables, Nacogdoches, Texas, breeders of fine, prize-winning Tennessee Walking Horses. Mr. Wright’s daughter Jan, on Dark Shadow, won the 1962 Tennessee Walking Horse Celebra­ tion world’s championship juvenile riding title. Mr. Wright knows feeding, too, as one of the owners of Texas Farm Products Company, one of the Southwest’s largest independent feed manufacturers. Lone Star Stables horses, ribbon winners in shows throughout the country, are all raised on a ration that includes Pace Pellets, the Milk-Bank Feed Booster. As Mr. Moore says, “Our Lone Star Feed, with its Pace Pellets, gives our horses extra stamina, vigor, and staying power. And when we want an especially fine finish—say, before a show—we’ll put an extra cup of Pace into each bucket of feed.” Pace gives the Lone Star Stables purebreds milk by-product nutri­ ents that aren’t in ordinary feeds. These nutrients balance out the Sun Celebration, Mr. Joe Wright up. ration, and help horses assimilate more of the other elements in their feed. As a result, horses on Pace have more vigor, better gloss, and stay in show condition. Follow the lead of this feed-wise Tennessee Walking Horse breeder. Give your horses the extra stamina and bloom that Milk-Bank nutri­ tion offers. Ask your dealer for Pace Feed Booster Pellets. KRAFT FOODS AGRICULTURAL DIVI­ SION, 500 Peshtigo Court, Chicago 90, Illinois. THE MILK-BANK . . . nutrition booster, profit booster Pace Feed Booster Pellets are storehouses, or banks, of the key nutrients of milk, rounded out with other important ingre­ dients. They contain elements not found in ordinary feeds: lac- talbumin protein, milk sugar, vitamins, minerals, and other important growth factors. ... where better nutrition starts with milk