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( Continued . From Page 21 ) 1963 . High point of this increased interest was an All Walking Horse Celebration held in California , the success of which indicated that the Tennessee Walking Horse is truly a national breed .
As usual , the fabulous Murray Farm Sale , held in April , saw more and better stock go on the block than ever before . This event was the forty-third consecutive Tennessee Walking Horse Sale to be held at the Murray Farm . From the outset , it was obvious that increased interest and activity in the breed were to push prices to an all-time high . A stout crew of ten auctioneers was required to handle the record number of horses and the enthusiastic crowd who came to buy under the big tent . The success of this sale was felt throughout 1963 as top prospects became more scarce and “ horse trading ” became more difficult .
By May of 1963 the big push was already on as talk of the big stakes at the Celebration increased . From Texas to Tennessee and from Maine to Miami , show horse enthusiasts were beginning to pick their favorites . With more large shows than ever before , increased pressure was put on both horses and trainers to maintain the best record possible as they aimed toward Shelbyville , and the pace was more arduous than ever . From the out-set of the Florida Shows it was apparent that 1963 would see more and better horses than had ever performed before . They were doing more and doing it better ; and it was obvious that the speed , action and beauty of the Tennessee Walking Horse was sending the breed to new heights of popularity .
As the year wore on , many new training ’ stables and Walking Horse Barns cropped up across the land . From California to the Carolinas and Florida to Pennsylvania , increased interest in the breed prompted the organization of new area and state Walking Horse Associations . In the tristate area of Tennessee , Alabama and Georgia , which affords more recognized horse shows of this breed than almost any other sector of the country , several major training stables employing recognized trainers were set up , and several large Walking Horse Associations were formed to supplement those already active . And so . . . the breed moved forward .
To top all previous efforts to promote the Tennessee Walking Horse . . . the VOICE magazine , assisted by WTVW Channel Seven ( 7 ) Television in Evansville , Indiana , set up in that city a Tennessee Walking Horse demonstration show in the mid-summer of 1963 . The show received wide acceptance in the greater Indiana area and a video-tape of the show was shown in several other areas including Chattanooga , Tennessee .
By mid-season it became more and more obvious that the “ amateurs ” were making a bid for almost every honor in the country . As in years past , these active riders who show for the love of the sport and who have been credited with “ supporting the Walking Horse business ” . . . have shown unusual sportsmanship and determination in the show ring . And the women , young and Old , throughout 1963 have showed the men that a little glamour in the saddle can go a long way .
Prize money took a step forward during 1963 as the Breeder ’ s Futurity announced an unbelievable $ 14,000 purse for this year ’ s show . In other shows , large and small , it became evident to each sponsoring organization that if they were to draw the best trainers and amateurs to their show they would have to offer more money and better ribbons and trophies . The results were better horse shows , larger attendance and more revenue for all involved . As you know the horse show has been called the “ easiest and quickest way for a civic organization to raise money for a worthy project ”; and 1963 surely proved this in a big way .
As Sepember drew nigh . . . the tempo increased and the 1963 Celebration was destined to be the greatest ever . All records fell ! Overall attendance , participating horses , money and prizes , length of the show and number of classes increased . It was , as has been stated , “ The Greatest Horse Show on Earth ” and SUN ’ S DELIGHT , the 1963 World ’ s Grand Champion was pushed for almost one and onehalf hours to a final three-horse workout to earn the right to wear the roses . From here to the Southern Championship in Montgomery , Alabama , which is the finale , of the year ’ s Walking Horse activities , everyone was well aware that 1963 had produced the greatest horses the breed has yet seen .
1963 was a great year ! A year of which we can all be proud . Orchids and blue ribbons to all the trainers , riders and supporters of the breed that have made this the year of great progress for the Tennessee Walking Horse . 1964 . . . here we come !
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