1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 December Voice - Page 25

DECEMBER 1963 TEI^Q{(y§l(ING H0RSE BILL DAVIS, 16, YR. OLD GEORGIA STATE GUN SMOKE'S PRIDE, s, by Sun's Gun- smoke out of Miss Ann Trice, foaled June 17, 1963. Owner, D. F. Marshall, Ipava, 111. GO BOYS BIG JOHN T„ s, by Merry Go Boy out of Miss Firefly R., foaled Apr. 11. 1963. Owner, John W. Turner, M. D., Paints- ville, Ky. JUVENILE CHAMPION Bill Davis, sixteen year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Davis of Cal­ houn, Georgia, began his riding career in 1961, much to the delight of his parents, both of whom are avid Walking Horse enthusiasts. Much credit is due to trainer Billy Brantly, who was manager of Bel Air Stables at that time. Manager Brantly encouraged Bill to take up riding and before long, he was showing promise of be­ coming a good juvenile rider. In the late fall of 1961, at Chats- worth, Georgia, Bill made his first show, and won his first Blue Rib­ bon. He won over a field of twenty-six pleasure horses and needless to say was very pleased. In the Summer of 1962, Bill won the Georgia State Juvenile Cham­ pionship on a green three year old, BEL AIR’S FIRST SON, whose Sire is SON OF BEL AIR, the beautiful sorrell amateur horse, that has won many, many blue ribbons for its rider, Roy Davis. The past Horse Show season has been good to Bill. He is the top contender for the 1963 Georgia State Juvenile Championship for the second consecutive year. Bill feels fortunate indeed to be a part of the Horse Show World, because of the many friends he has made. He is also most grateful to his loyal friend and trainer, Ken­ neth Burk, whose help and en­ couragement have made riding and showing for Bill the wonder­ ful sport that it is. Holiday Greetings From The VOICE Staff Vvy-'rVfg' • GO BOYS MISS PRISS T„ m, by Merry Go Boy out of Sunny Mae, foaled Feb. 3, 1963. Owner, John W. Turner, M. D., Paints- ville, Ky. MACK’S BIG BOY, s, by Midnight Mack K. out of Annabelle S., foaled June 3, 1963. Owner, Arnold Wright, Jamestown, Tenn. T W H B & E A Compiled from the official files of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association, Lewisburg, Tennessee, and furnished through their courtesy . DEBBIE’S JOY, m, by Piddley out of Brantleys Debbie, foaled Mar. 15, 1963. Owner, R. E. Brantley, Wasco, Calif. INVASIONS JOY, m, by Go Boy’s In­ vasion out of Brantley’s Mollie O., foaled May 10, 1963. Owner, R. E. Brantley, Wasco, Calif. MR. CHEERLEADER, s, by Go Boy’s Cheerleader out of Dypsy Dot, foaled May 15, 1962. Owner, W. L. Cortner, Shelbyville, Term. INVASION R. E., s, by Go Boy’s Invasion out of Hall Allen’s May, foaled May 25, 1963. Owner, J. R. Brantley & Son, Wartrace, Tenn. SHADOW’S LADY K., m, by Shadow’s Society Man out of Caroline K., foaled May 31, 1963. Owner, Walter L. Dickens, Monroe, N.C. GOLDIE SUE, m, by Hair’s Hi-Ball out of Sue Brooks, foaled June 20, 1948. Owner, Glendon Barber, Stantonville, Tenn. GO BOY ’S GENTLEMAN, s, by Rodgers Merry Go Boy out of Fannie Bea, foaled June 3, 1963. Owner, F. C. Musgrave, Jr., Lewisburg, Term. GO BOY'S APRIL STAR, m, by Rodgers Merry Go Boy out of Katy’s Likeness, foaled April 12, 1963. Owner, F. C. Musgrave, Jr., Lewisburg, Tenn. MIDNIGHT MAC ALLEN J., s, by High March out of Katy’s Lady, foaled Aug. 17, 1961. Owner, John L. Cato, Jr., Florissant, Mo. ROSALEE MC, m, by Suns Hidden Treasure out of Blue Angel Girl, foaled Apr. 4, 1963. Owner, McBride & McKnight, Murfreesboro, Term. ROSEBUD WEISSINGER, m, by Chester­ field’s Sun out of Ginger Weissinger, foaled Mar. 14, 1957. Owner, Charles H. Meissinger, Jr., Cary, Miss. PRIDE O’ W'THRNG. HGTS., m, by Ato­ mic Secret out of P. W.’s Ace’et, foaled May 26, 1963. Owner, Howard A. Donahoe, Cambridge, Ohio. JUNE IN JANUARY, m, by Sadie Haw­ kins’ Allen out of June Namron, foaled Jan. 5, 1963. Owner, Frank A. Costello, Mt. Clare, W. Va. MAID OF HONOR S., m, by Man of Old Hickory out of Miss Ellen, foaled May 6, 1961. Owner, James S. Shannon, Green Brier, Term. MERRY MY PLEASURE, m. by Angle Merry Boy out of Sue Ella, foaled Aprl. 15, 1959. Owner, Jutilda K. Salter, Atmore, Ala. LOGAN’S QUEEN, m, by Boyces Billy Sun­ day out of Logan’s May, foaled Apr. 13, 1962. Owner, Max Logan, Shelbyville, Tenn. LOGAN’S WHITE MAN, s, by Boyces Billy Sunday out of Logan’s May, foaled June 20, 1963. Owner, Max Logan, Shelbyville, Tenn. SUN DUST’S JUBILEE, s. by Sun-Dust out of Judy’s Caro Allen, foaled May 16, 1958. Owner, J. T. Kelley, Columbia, Tenn. TARQUIN’S REPLICA, s, by Tarquin The Proud, out of Thora-K, foaled Mar. 17, 1963. Owner, Mr.-Mrs. Merrill R. Webb, Redmond, Oregon. SPEIGHT’S GLORY, s. by Sun’s Mr. Man out of Miss Glory Wilson, foaled Mar. 25, 1963. Owner, W. W. Speight, Paris, Tenn. OKO. LENA, m, by Bessie H’s Merry Boy out of Okolona Bell, foaled May 26, 1963. Owner, Clyde M. Tuttle, Longview, Texas. SONNY MC’S MEMORY, s, by Easy Go Boy out of Pleasant Memory, foaled Apr. 18, 1963. Owner, Sally Row, Riner, Va. I HOPE, s, by Shadrach P. out of Alberta Allen, foaled Apr. 8, 1963. Owner, D. C. Bo- mar, Munford, Tenn. GO BOY’S DELIGHT, m, by Goodie’s Mer­ ry Go Boy out of Merry’s Cotton Queen, foaled June 5, 1960. Owner, Thomas C. Aus­ tin, Dickson, Tenn. MACK'S RED BUD ALLEN, m, by Midnight Mack K out of Ann Polly, foaled Apr. 1, 1959. Owner, Darlene Haase, Augusta, Mich. MIDNIGHT DARK GLOW, s. by Piddley out of Our Bay Beauty, foaled May 29, 1963. Owner, John & Bob Smith, Kelso, Tenn. CHANCE’S HURRICANE, s, by Sun's Chance R. G. out of Merry Sun Sensation, foaled Apr. 20, 1963. Owner, Dr. H. G. Bar­ ker, Humboldt, Tenn. SUN DUST SPACE MAN, s, by Sun-Dust out of Easter Belle, foaled May 18, 1963. Owner, W. Russell Lavender. Columbia, Tenn. GO DAWN GO, m, by Kidron out of Prin­ cess Dawn Sun, foaled Apr. 15, 1963. Owner, Dr. H. B. Barker, Humboldt, Tenn. GO BOY’S MIDNIGHTER, s. by Merry Go Boy out of Sun’s Martini R. G. Foaled June 14. 1963. Owner, Watts & Wilson, Engle­ wood, Tenn. SUN’S FASHION LADY L.. ra, by Sun’s Major out of Midnight Darling L., foaled May 15, 1963. Owner, Dr. T. W. Long, New­ ton, N.C. THE BIG THREAT, s, by Merry Go Boy out of Wilsons Black Girlie, foaled June 12, 1963. Owner, Woods & Endsley, Belfast, Tenn. BO BOY’S MISS CINDY II, m. by Merry Go Boy out of Midnight Dolly, foaled Mar. 14, 1963. Owner, Dr. and Mrs. DeWitt Owen, Jr., Franklin, Tenn. GO BOYS LADY M.. m, by Go Boy’s Wild­ fire T. F., out of Sun’s Leading Lady, foaled May 9, 1963. Owner. D. F. Marshall & Sam Lancaster, Ipava, 111. BIG TALK’S MARTHA ANN, m, by Go Boys Big Talk out of Tillie Miller, foaled Mar. 11, 1963. Owner, Lakeside Farms, Gun­ ters ville, Ala. BIG TALK'S QUEEN, m, by Go Boys Big Talk out of Wayward Lass, foaled Mar. 25, 1963. Owner, Lakeside Farms, Guntersville, Ala. WEDDING BELLS, m, by Merry Go Boy out of Pride’s Belle Starr, foaled July 1, 1963. Owner, Vernon R. Lackey, Forest, Miss. GO BOY DIAMOND, s, by Merry Go Boy out of Dolly Midnight, foaled May 8. 1963. Owner, Jeff Rollins, Lebanon, Tenn.