1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 December Voice - Page 12

TENNESSEE WW.KIHG H | 2)RSE DECEMBER 1963 Miss Susie Beasley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Beasley, Jr., of Athens, Alabama—A well-known face at the National Celebration. Vanderbilt University majoring in English and Sociology and minor- SUSIE BEASLEY AND CHAMPIONS — Miss Susie Beasley is pictured with her ing in Psychology, working toward three well-known Walking Horses. From left to right: GAY GIRL, MIDNIGHT a Teacher’s Certificate. At Vander­ MERRY BIRD and ROMEO’S MERRY QUEEN. bilt, she is a member of the Delta Delta Delta Sorority and Junior Athletic Association. Mr. Beasley established one of SUSIE BEASLEY . . . the largest poultry plants in the TYPICAL OF THE South and named it “Sweet Sue” for his daughter. Susie’s picture NATION S YOUNG on GAY GIRL appears on every box of chickens that the “Sweet AMATEUR AND Sue” Poultry Plant Co., Inc., sells. JUVENILE RIDERS Miss Beasley has two brothers, Andy and Jimmy. Jimmy is now This month our “Profiles” article features Miss Susie Beasley, 20- working at the poultry plant, af­ year-old daughter of Mr, and Mrs. James E. Beasley, Jr. of Athens, ter being a star football player for Alabama. This month’s magazine, “Youth in the Saddle,” features riders the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets under 18 and Susie was outstanding in that field, as she continues to be for several years. Andy is running in Amateur Classes. She started showing at the age of 10 and since that the “Sweet Sue” Kitchen near the time has won between 200 and 300 blue ribbons and red ribbons. Her poultry plant. first pony was GAY GIRL, who won the National Championship three times. Susie never won a championship with this pony, but she took many ribbons. In 1954 riding MIDNIGHT MERRY BIRD, she captured her first championship at the National Celebration. She was 11 at the time and was the youngest ever to win it. In 1960 and 1961 Susie won the Ladies’ Class at the Celebration with ROMEO’S MARY QUEEN. She did not sell any of her horses after winning with them. The Beasley family has ROMEO’S MERRY QUEEN at the Sweet Sue Stables. GAY GIRL died only recently and is buried at the stables. MIDNIGHT MERRY BIRD’S first colt, EARLY BIRD, is in training with Mr. Harold Wise. Susie continues to ride and will probably win many more blue ribbons in the near future. Along with her horse activities, Sue is very active in other fields. She graduated from Athens High School in 1961 where she was cheer­ leader, president of the Pi Beta Sigma Sorority, and president of the Drama Club. She attended the University of Alabama and University of Miss Susie Beasley Hawaii. She studied Oil Painting at Athens College and is now at And ROMEO’S MARY QUEEN