1962-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1962 September Voice

VOICE OF THE TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE (A monthly magazine devoted exclusively to this breed) VOLUME 1, NO. 7—50< A COPY SHELBYVILLE, TENNESSEE SEPTEMBER, 1962 Ebony Masterpiece Wears 1962 Crown Ebony Masterpiece — Cover Horse for the first issue of the Voice last March—shows the gaits that won the 1962 Grand Championship of the World at the Celebration on Sept. 1, 1962. Trainer-Rider Sam Paschal defeated the “ concentrated** great trainers of the Tennessee Walking Horse World. On Page 17 is found the scene picture taken when Ebony Master­ piece and Sam received the title and the Floral Horseshoe. Owners Billr Hale and Mrs. Hale of Gallatin were among the thousands in the stands. PRINTED FACSIMILES OF THIS ENTIRE PAGE, on heavy cardboard. suitable for framing, will be sent to all persons who send $1.00 to Secretary Bill Magruder of the Shelbyville Lions Club. For the first $647 received he ivill send “scored*9 copies of the Celebration Program, and for dollars received after this number the senders tvill receive the picture plus Ben A. Green9s new 36- page brochure entitled “What On Earth is a Tennessee Walk­ ing Horse—and how the Breeders* Assn. Serves You.** These two articles are extracts from Green's training book to be released Dec. 1. CELEBRATION THRILLS - DAY-BY-DAY