1962-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1962 November Voice - Page 9

Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse Add. Registrations LITTLE SUPER MAN, s. by Sun’s Go Boy Super man out of Alexander’s Star, foaled June 6, 1961. Owner, Milton Alexander, Woodburv, Tenn. GO BOY SUPERIOR A., s, by Sun’s Go Boy Super Man out of Miss Merrie Gay, foaled May 2, 1961. Owner, Milton Alexand­ er, Woodbury, Tenn. THE LEPRECHAUN, s, by Sun’s Celebra­ tion out of Midnight Tamrack, foaled March, 12, 1962. Owner, Marjorie E. Schultz, Covina, Calif. LULLABY’S GAY TIME, m, by Sun-Dust out of Midnight Lullaby, foaled Apr. 10, 1962. Owner, James E. Sherman, Florence, Ala. WRIGHT’S BIG SON, s, by Midnight Red Boy out of Donnie’s Gal, foaled May 23, 3961. Owner, Oliver C. Wright, Lexington, Ala. LADY JOSEPHINE H. m, by Mr. Magic Man out of My Silver Lady, foaled April 18, 1962. Owner, Cecil D. Hodges, Austin, Texas. GO BOY’S READY CASH, g, by Go Boy’s Masterpiece out of Little Margie Lee, foaled June 26, 1960. Owner, Milton R. Bennett, Sidney, Ohio. PRIDE’S REWARD, s, by Pride of Panola out of Golden Reward, foaled Sept. 25, 1961. Owner, Mrs. C.A. Clarke, Jr., Bayou LeBatre, Ala. MISS REBELLEE, m, by World’s Wonder of Miss Jasmin, foaled Apr. 22, 1962. Owner, W. A. Cauthen, Jr., Montgomery, Ala. GLORY’S SKY GIRL, m, by Wiregrass Wilson out of Glory Bound, foaled Apr. 27, 1962. Owner, Jack McBraver, Dothan, Ala. SHADOW’S COVER GIRL, m, by Go Boy’s Shadow out of Roy’s Dolly Dimple, foaled Jan 18, 1962. Owner, Jack McBrayer, Dothan, Ala. GLORY’S HILDA, m, by Old Glory's Big Man out of May’s Flash, foaled June 5, 1955. Owner, Jack McBrayer, Dothan, Ala. CITATIONS PARTY DOLL, m, by Big Man’s Citation out of My Sunday Best, foaled Feb. 5, 1961. Owner, Jack McBrayer, Dothan, Ala. FLAMING DOWN, m, by Smokey Doodle Allen out of Diamond’s Princess, foaled July 7, 1959. Owner, Francis Conrath, Athens, Ohio. GAYNELLS WONDERFUL, m, by Mr. Wonderful FI. out of Merry Gaynell, foaled Jan. 1, 1962. Owner, J. D. Stokely, Falls Church, Va. HALL’S LITTLE LADY, m, by John Bud Allen out of Yandell’s Merry' Girl, foaled May 20. 1962. Owner, R. W. Flail, Hickory Flat, Miss. LIMOUSINE’S DELIGFIT, m, by Go Boys Limousine out of Oliver’s Lady Mason, foaled July 12, 1960. Owner, Sandra Lea Platson, Evans, Ga. LEA MACK K., m, by Merry's Mack K. out of Oaklea Lady, foaled Feb. 8, 1962. Owner, W. P. Morris, Leesburg, Ohio. GUNSMOKE AT SUNRISE, m, by Sun’s Gunsmoke out of 5 Minutes to Sunrise , foaled Apr. 21, 1961. Owner, Gregory' Nalley, Easley, S. C. MY JIM DANDY, s, by Midnite Pleasure R. G. out of Merry Ellen, foaled Apr. 5, 1962. Owners, Mr. and Mrs. Barkley M. Brock, Clinton, Mo. THE GREAT PRETENDER, s, by Mid­ night Pleasure R. G. out of Bluebell Wilson, foaled Mar. 31, 1962. Owners, Mr. and Mrs. Barkley M. Brock, Clinton, Mo. LADY OF DESTINY, m, by Go Boy’s Destiny out of Dixie Williams, foaled June 19, 1961. Owners Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Dressel, Augusta, Ga. ALLEN’S GOLDEN PENNY, m, by Hold­ en’s Allen out of White Angel Allen, foaled Aug. 12, 1959. Owner, Mrs. Gloria H. Glass, Atlanta, Ga. SOCIETY’S QUEEN, m, by Society Man out of Katie Primrose, foaled June 16, 1958. Owner, Junior Pierce, Smyrna, Ga. MACK K’S BEAUTY,'m, by Midnight Mack K. out of Society’s Babe, foaled Apr. 15, 1961. Owner, Perry E. Gray, Hillsdale, Mich. LADY STATELY ALLEN, m, by Stately Allen out of Alabama Maid, foaled Apr. 6, 1952. Owner, Dr. S. E. Burnett, Sumter, S. C. MAGIC’S GUST O’WIND, s, by Go Boy’s Magic out of Midnight Gertie E., foaled Feb. 12. 1962. Ow'ner, Dr. P. K. Thomas, Jr. Tupelo, Miss. GO BOY’S MR. LUCKY, s, by Go Boy’s Magic out of Judy White Socks, foaled Jan. 18, 1962. Owner, E. E. Knight, Shannon, Miss. PENNY’S EASTER BUNNY, m, by Merry Silver Eagle out of Penny Girl, foaled Apr. 17, 1960. Owner, Marion Leftwich, Lubbock, Texas. SUNS WISE DECISION, s, by Midnight Shining Sun out of Lady Keller, foaled Apr. 27, 1962. Owner, Herbert Traubert, Follans- bee, W. Va. SUN’S BRIG FIT STAR, s, by Midnight Shining Sun out of Atomic Maid, foaled March 15, 1962. Owner, Herbert Traubert, Follansbee, W. Va. BO WILKES, s, by Whites Walking Allen out of Betty Wilkes, foaled July 8, 1961. Owner, G. A. Cauley, Fitzgerald, Ga. DRAGON’S DOMINO, s, by Sun’s Dragon out of Kaffie Kay, foaled Apr. 4. 1961. Owner, C. O. Shaw, Birmingham, Ala. THE SFIAKER, s, by Mack K’s Handshaker out of Bud’s Girl, foaled May 10, 1962. Owner, Richard C. Funderburk, Warm Springs, Ga. MY SEMINOLE LADY, m, by Seminole Chief out of Drifting Snow, foaled June 2, 1962. Owner, Circle N. Farm, Opelike, Ala. SUNS WARRIORS VIXEN, m, by Sun’s Black Boy P. out of Sara Red., foaled July 9, 1960. Owner, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. DeWess, W. Farmington, Ohio. LIMOUSINE’S GIRL, m, by Go Boys Limousine out of Top Wilsons Kay, foaled July 12, 1962. Owner, G. A. Cauley, Fitz­ gerald, Ga. EBONY MARVEL, s, Sun’s Eldorado out of Nell Berrett, foaled Apr. 26, 1960. Owner, M. V. Parry, Lowell, Ind. PIPER’S ALLAN, s, by Chesty P. out of Golden Hallena, foaled June 19, 1962. Own­ er, Myra Scott Kyle, Chester, Va. MIDNIGHT’S TULIP, m, by Merry Boys White Star out of Dasie Mae Hall, foaled Apr. 1, 1962. Owner, Dr. Harold C. Schmuck, East Canton, Ohio. LITTLE DICTATOR, s, by Rhoda’s Merry Chief out of Delma’s Darling, foaled June 27, 1961. Owner R. N. Old, Marietta, Ga. CHIEF NODINGWAY, s, by Rhoda’s Merry Chief out of Delma’s Darling, foaled April 18, 1960. Owner, R. N. Old, Marietta, Ga. GREEN ACRES STAR, s, by White Star Ace out of Doughboys D.D.T., foaled Aug. 19, 1962. Owner, L. O. Hicks, Madisonville, Tenn. 7 ANNIE BLU, m, by Gold Sun’s Image out of My First Lady, foaled May 2, 1961. Own­ er, Barbara Grider, Argyle, Texas. MERRY BOY’S FLIRT, m, by Go Boy Again out of Cotton Go Girl, foaled Sept. 9, 1962. Owner, Asa L. McCoy, Burgettstown, Penna. APACHE GRAY LADY, m, by Spur’s Diamond Jim out of Grays Lady, foaled Mar. 3, 1960. Owner, L. G. Sealy, Union- town, Ala. COLONEL AMBLE MAN, s, by Black Watch out of Harmony Girl, foaled Apr. 20, 1962. Ow'ner, Sonia L. Rathbone, Carnation, Wash. SUN-RUS MIDNIGHT STAR, m, by Black Watch out of Stroller’s Geniva, foaled May 28, 1962. Owner, Sonia L. Rathbone, Carnation, Wash. SUN-RUS MIDNIGHT GOLD, s, by Black Watch out of Golden Blonde Venus, foaled June 30, 1962. Owner, Sonia L. Rathbone, Carnation, Wash. GOLD MIRAGE, s, by Gold Ray, Jr. out of Rembler’s Daisy, foaled June 10, 1960. Owner, W. L. Robinson, College Park, Ga. MANLEYS DOUBLE IMAGE, m, by Wilsons Double Image out of Big Wilma, foaled Apr. 1, 1959. Owner, Mrs. W. H. Manley, Beech Grove, Tenn. MANLEYS DOUBLE EAGLE by Billie Wilson T. out of Big Wilma, foaled March 29, 1960. Owner, Mrs. W. H. Manley, Beech Grove, Tenn. DEBBIE GIRL, m, by Jolie’s Go Boy out of Queen Elizabeth R., foaled May 27, 1961. Owner, W. W. Whitworth, Comersville, Tenn. GO BOY'S DUKE, s, by Jolie’s Go Boy out of Easter Fashion II, foaled June 29, 1962. Owner, Clyde Williams, Cherokee, Ala. MARY LEE S., m, by Pencillin out of Starnes White Angel, foaled Sept. 4, 1961. Owner, Brice Starnes, Eagleville, Tenn. MIDNIGHT BONNIE, m, by Flashy Mid­ night out of Easter Morn, foaled Oct. 1, 1958. Owner, J. V. Carter, Anderson, Ind. MIDNITE REBEL ROUSER, s, by Black Destiny out of Easter Morn, foaled Feb. 23, 1962. Owner, Donald L. Bickham, Middle- town, Ind. GOLDEN REBEL W., s, by Daniel Boone H out of Ginger Pullum, foaled May 4, 1961. Owner, Marvin West, Cookeville, Tenn. BAMBI BABY, m, by Midnight Bama Boy out of Ginger Pullman, foaled Apr. 13, 1962. Owner, Marvin West, Cookeville, Tenn. AUTUMN MELODY, m, by Lucky Sunset out of Moonlight Melody, foaled Sept. 6, 1960. Owner, Ora Jack Waggoner, Olive Hill, Ky. MISTER TRUE JET, s, by Sun’s Jet Parade out of True Baby, foaled May 27, 1962. Owner, Dr. L. A. Mosher, Roswell, Ga. SUN MIST, m, by Go Boy’s Carolina Sun out of Merry Mist G. H., foaled Apr. 7, 1962. Owner, E. C. Rhodes, Georgetown, S. C. MERRY PRITHEE ALLEN, m, by Mid­ night Merry Boy II out of Dixie Sun Allen, foaled July 15, 1961. Owner, Clyde McEwen, Wilsonville, Ala. VICTORY’S JEWELL, m, by Commander’s Victory out of Queen’s Choice, foaled May 4, 1958. Owner, Lewis Frazer, Nashville, Tenn. WESTERN STARLIGHT D., m, by Allen's Victor out of Dunlap’s Montana Sal, foaled May 3, 1960. Owner, Mrs. Alice Q. Dunlap, Batesville, Miss. HAPPY’S RISIN SUN, s, by Setting Sun out of Happy’s Risin Sun, foaled May 29, 1962. Owner, Jim Wallace, Benton, Ky. Continued on page 8