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Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse 1 Woman Auto Accident Victim--Given Up By Five Doctors— Says Walking Horses Provide Her Incentive To Live Friends, we wish to share with you the most remarkable letter yet re­ ceived by us—telling how the Ten­ nessee Walking Horse helps people. This letter is from Mrs. Jewel Hop­ kins Boyd of Nashville, Tenn. When she wrote this letter Oct. 3, 1962, she was in Room 6026 at the Baptist Hospital, Nashville. She was still re­ ceiving treatment for injuries received in an auto accident last February. Here is what she says: “I spend all of my sitting up time tracing my horses’ registrations all the way back with your book (Biog­ raphy of the Tennessee Walking Horse) as reference. It is nearly worn out from use which speaks for itself as to how valuable it is to me. “My commendations, with all superlatives for your ‘Biography’ and the ‘Voice.’ ” A friend gave me the subcription when I was hospitalized in April—how did we Walking Horse enthusiasts ever do without your mag­ azine containing constant news, ideas and information? Showed my fine doctor, John R. Glover, bone special­ ist, the article on ‘Walker Riding Cures Chronic Backache.’ He read it over slowly with great interest and thought. As you probably know, he is an avid horselover, having gaitecl (fine stock). Believe I’m going to change him over to Walkers!! “Was critically injured in an auto collison early in February—given two hours at the most to live by five doc­ tors—but the Great Man Upstairs helped them help me. Now it’s my turn to help others, not as a duty, but as a deep felt joy. “To be personal, had 3 concussions, skull fracture, multiple fractures of clavicles and scapulas, 12 compound fractured ribs, 4 fractured, damaged liver, cracked cervical spinal verte- braes with contusions, torn muscles and ligaments and ruptured blood vessels (have been in traction since June 1st), lungs collapsed so had tracheotomy, later heart stopped—so given adrenalin. “Was unconscious from Feb. 3 to 2nd of March with asphasia (memory lapses) following until July. I had to get well for two reasons, for my boy, and to get back in the ring again. “In the meantime, I worked on tracing registrations with your book. I count ed the days for my mare's foal to arrive—received word May 4 that Dolly Hay had a fine Merry Go Boy filly. No one knows what this news meant. Was given permission to go to two Nashville shows with my mare for two hours—so there was one step. Saw my gelding show beautifully— when I walked up to him, he softly rubbed my cheek over and over again—he remembers me, and how could I tell you how I felt? “Had a great night—rode in the Tennessee State Horse Show—cervical collar and all. Was given permission to ride a short time and then leave the ring. What an unexplainable feel­ ing I had entering the ring—no one will know. ‘Sun’s Inspiration’ gave a perfect performance—not one mis­ take—how wonderful of him. Other than on my specified outings, was hospitalized or in traction at home with round-the-clock nurses. At other show stayed in the whole class and came out the most triumphant one that ever entered a ring. I made it and knew that next season I would be back. “May I back the article ‘Walker Riding Cures Chronic Backache’ through my personal experience? The running walk was good for me. My spine kept straight—and ‘flat’ vibra­ tion was excellent for toning circula­ tion. Being in traction to stretch vertebrates to relieve nerve pressure— therefore the Walker has no bounce to put pressure on spine. The canter is rolling and easy—no downward jerk. “Hospitalization now is for a dif­ ferent complication—still in traction, but that riding will not alter any progress in any way. Sooner I can ride, sooner I can leave traction. “I almost forgot to mention this— my nurse took me to Shelbyville where we stayed for the Celebration. I had to go—went every night, staying for most of the show. It was wonder­ ful and I shall never forget it. Why, I even bought a wonderful Futurity winner I saw after the Saturday night superb show. Was walking to the car—something caught my eye—she was it. We’ll both be in the Celebra­ tion next year. “Thought this was going to be a short note—know you are tremen­ dously busy, as is Mrs. Green. Didn’t intend to get into personal detail but couldn’t stop. Also, may I add that no exaggerations were given as to my injuries—they can be and are all verified—my main point is ‘See what the Walking Horse can do for me and what it has done.’ “Through the Walking Horse I was given the incentive to get well, the proof of therapy of body and mind, and a constant exuberance of devotion in return to them. “My appreciation for your time in reading this ’short’ epistle and to the great success of the ’Voice.’ Just wish it came weekly. “Best regards, “ (Mrs.) Jewel Hopkins Boyd “P.S. May I add my thanks and gratefulness to Walking Horse friends who have been so wonderful. They are the top of my list in my book through action and deed." VOICE of the Tennessee Walking Horse B en A. G reen ............... Publisher-Editor M rs . B en A. G reen ........................... Secretary OFFICE—SHELBYVILLE, TENN. (This monthly magazine is dedicated to the welfare of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed for show and pleasure.) 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